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  1. Looking for an installation partner in the Orlando area to be our official go to local dealer to stand in our booth at the next Condo and HOA show: http://www.orlandocondohoaexpo.comIt is in our experience that these types of projects usually accompany additional CCTV requirements. About our company: Smart Entry Systems, developed a complete access control solution for gated residential communities, apartment buildings, and other types of multi-tenant properties to manage their visitor and resident entry control.Using Android tablets and Raspberry Pi, our software based system is able to provide comparable or better feature sets at around 10% of the price versus traditional access control manufacturers. Upon arrival, visitors use the touch screen on the tablet to select the resident they are coming to visit, and the tablet makes a video call to the resident's smart phone, eliminating any additional hardware to be installed inside each home. The Raspberry Pi based single entry controller connects to any Wiegand standard compatible RFID, Bluetooth, NFC, or bio-metric readers to provide access control for residents to shared facilities such as the pool, gym, club house, laundry systems, etc. Our WiFi and Bluetooth wirelessly connected controllers allow faster, easier, and inexpensive installations. Property managers manage the whole facility easily using our cloud based community management portal from anywhere with Internet. A $2 per home monthly fee provides unlimited calls from unlimited entrances, and supports unlimited residents. A referral system provides anyone who brings us the customer a 20% monthly recurring commission from the fees we collect. Our most basic controller starts at just under $200.