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  1. I have a Lorex NVR the LNR 200 with 3mp cams. My biggest complaint is the Lorex app does not work anymore with the barcode provided on the NVR. Can you guys recommend an app that will work. Or do other NVRs work with the Lorex cams?
  2. gbee

    Dahua SD42212S-HN 2MP / 12x optical mini dome

    Can I see the demo of this cam?
  3. Will this camera work on the lorex nvr 300 series?
  4. Is it true that the new swann IP and Lorex cameras are rebranded Hikvision cameras. I know that those two brands are not the popular choice when it comes to systems on this forum and I am new. I just ordered a Lorex NVR 3TB system and feel like I am regretting the purchase and it hasn't even arrived yet!!