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  1. Deluxecctv.com

    Panasonic WV-CW484

    What you have is an older model of Panasonic PTZ'S They now have a WV-CS954A which is typically around $2,200.00 If anything, I would go with Pelco. They have great PTZ'S and wonderful tech support. They seem to run less depending on which model you want. The spectra II will be comparable to Panasonic 484 model. The newest out from Pelco is the SD4CBW35 Stay tuned for their newest camera to come. It will blow your mind.
  2. Deluxecctv.com

    Zoom out distance

    What would you trying to be looking at 3000 ft. away? The digital should kick in by then at 3000 ft. What does everyone else think?
  3. Deluxecctv.com

    New Laser PTZ Camera

    It handles Pelco P, D, RS485, Samsung, Panasonic, Vicon, Kaletel, Longcomity, VCL, Molynx, and Ultrak. It handles more, but these are the major ones. Hope this helps. I will tell the tech to add that to the website. May be useful.
  4. Deluxecctv.com

    New Laser PTZ Camera

    Haven't got a chance to post a video yet. You can go to this link and it is somewhat similar. Different design, but same concept. Hope this helps.
  5. Deluxecctv.com

    New Laser PTZ Camera

    Ok guys, here it is, you have all asked for the laser PTZ and we finally got one in. Not trying to self promote, but check it out here [edit by mod - store link removed] Comes in 18X 35X and 36X We have been demoing this unit, and it is unbelievable. No more red IR's and the great thing is it goes over 500ft.
  6. Deluxecctv.com

    trying to catch an employee

    Have to agree with Collin R. Just use an IR illuminator that is 950nm or above and a true b/w camera that is capable of picking up IR. That should catch the thief.
  7. Deluxecctv.com

    IR Outdoor Camera

    Yes, shield is always ground and center , or red is positive. Hope this helps. Thanks
  8. Deluxecctv.com

    Best outdoor camera up to $5000. or so?

    At that price, you may be able to pick a FLIR PTZ up. That would be your best bang for your buck and no doubt reach your budget.
  9. Deluxecctv.com

    Dome Camera help

    Hang on a second, let's think about this one. If you use one of those brackets to mount the dome, it no longer becomes vandal proof. You can throw a rope around the bracket and the camera and rip it off the wall. Can you possibly post some pictures so we can get a better idea of what you are working with?
  10. Deluxecctv.com

    Speed Dome Wide

    Do they have to be fixed or can you use a mini PTZ?
  11. Deluxecctv.com

    12vdc camera's interferring

    Strangely enough, we had a guy call in a few days ago and asked the same question. Same customer maybe? I think this guy was in Colorado though. Anyway, he had the same problem and all I told him to do is change the dip switches to a different rolling code. This fixed his problem and he is happier than ever. Maybe give this a go.
  12. Deluxecctv.com

    What is the highest CCTV camera resolution?

    Thank you Armyofone. At least you know what I am talking about. I know that they make these, but that guy refuses to believe it and is taking his anger from most likely a bad sale from some company out there on us. Watch out, he make be coming after you next LOL!
  13. Deluxecctv.com

    What is the highest CCTV camera resolution?

    Why would we take down our site? I don’t know where you are coming up that fact that we have supposedly have “over clocked specsâ€
  14. Deluxecctv.com

    What is the highest CCTV camera resolution?

    Wow, looks like someone sees a little bit of competition and has to toot their own horn. Where has this guy been in a closet for the past two years? Let me tell you something, you don't come on to the forums insulting people. That gets you no where but booted off the forums, second of all do your research Phoenixad….. If you read the beginning discussion of this forum cctv_addticted asked Hi guys.. Just want to know what’s the highest CCTV cameras resolution that you know.. Please leave a link here.. Thanks We don’t carry the camera on our actual site, but do have it available. Perhaps you have heard of Arm Electronics??? No, probably because you really don’t know who is around these days in the CCTV industry. Here is the link to there 600TVL camera. http://www.armelectronics.com/page.aspx?p=27 After your done crying, you can leave another comment and add to your two sad and pathetic posts on the forums. Next time, do your research instead of looking bad in front of the whole forum community.
  15. Deluxecctv.com

    home cctv footage within the law?

    Basically, they don't want you to invade on someones privacy.