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  1. Cool tip kensplace! I should knock off '3' from my list as Geo does hybrid too. Based on this HW compatibility chart AverMedia seems to be have completed serious testing and diligently documented the 17 IP cams (and specific models) NV7000H supports. See IP cam section here >> http://www.avermedia.com/nvd/hardware-recom.asp Not saying Geo is not serious, just that i haven't tracked down a similar statement yet..
  2. ak357, thanks for correcting me, yes when DVR meets NVR these should be called hybrid (no exception on NV's own spec). Besides cost factor, what else do we sacrifice by going megapixel IP cams? Limited lens options (or do these work with CS mount lenses)??
  3. Rory, I suspect by "DVR", iSpyVision is also including those that handle both analog cams (vis BNC) and IP cams (CAT5 ready). I know strictly speaking this class of "DVRs" is normally referred to as "NVR" (by the way NV7000H absolutely qualifies to be in this class, as implied under '3' in my list). I'm now more convinced NV is a good buy... (after adding '4' to the list -- hardware compression of H.264 compared to SW in GV2008). Well all these "comparisons" are on paper -- got to see the real thing though......
  4. Amazing! I'd be happy getting this speed still (7.5fps or 120fps over 16ch) at that resolution. The details seen on cam#3 at their demo site (an IQInvision IQEye511?) are awesome. Let us know after you've played with the card.
  5. Thanks 501. Makes perfect sense. Also, you've already hinted about the large file sizes in your first post above (I guess that's a result of H264 not being used). I can live with "quad real-time" recording at D1, i.e. 120fps instead of 480fps (but thanks 501 for bringing up this point though!!) Looks like I'll go with NV7000H, everal much better value than GV2008: 1) cheaper (only ~$750; GV2008 retails at $1,200!) 2) comes with sensor/relay I/O (GV needs separate board GV-NET/IO!) 3) hybrid NTSC & IP cams support or better upgrade path Anyone sees showstoppers with NV? Love to hear...
  6. Is it possible the speed quoted on Avermedia NV7000H (120fps) is for H264 compression, while the 480fps for GV2008 is only MPEG4 not H264? Otherwise it doesn't make sense, given GV2008 is only using software compression for H264. HW compression only available for MPEG2 or MPEG4; see Compression Format in table here: http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/product/GV-2008.pdf
  7. Hi, I know it has been asked many times before which DVR card is the best (overall). However, may I ask which is the best if quality of recorded video is the ONLY concern? I'm really tired of the recorded quality of my DVR card. Even the worst youtube clip beats mine. So, if I need superb recordings at 640x480 (tired of 320x240), should I be looking at GeoVision? Or H.264 (which product though)? thanks!!
  8. Hi Rory, Any idea why at the manufacturer site (www.i-view.com.tw) they are already posting the software features for V3.10 and V3.00 (see below) while the available download is still "stale" at V2.9a (for a long while already) ? Thanks. WITNESS PRO V3.10 Software Watch Dog: Add the Software watchdog function. Both Recording mode: Allow to record of both recording modes (Schedule and Motion detection) at the same time. The recording rate of both modes can be setup by customer. Save Video file: The DVR will auto reboot when the system cannot save the video file into the HDD Recording rate: The DVR will auto reboot when the recording rate is less than the setting.   Recording speed: AllowsDigi-1600XP to change the recording frame rate on individual camera.   EZTools function: Allow choosing the Accessories without minimize the Witness Pro program.   Driver: Modify the driver of CP-1400AS, CP-3408ASE and CP-3416ASE.   Snapshot SDK: Allow having difference file name of Snapshot when trigger from difference cameras.   Top     WITNESS PRO V3.00   De–interlace: Support De–interlace video recording. Overlay: Support Overlay display function. Motion detection: Improve motion detection recording to reduce the CPU loading. Privilege: Secure camera control panel (Number icon from controller panel) by combining enable/disable function under “Camera configuration“ privileges.   Resolution: Support the 720*480/ 720*576 resolution.   DVD backup: EZBackup program supports DVD and DL (R9).   Pop up: Add the schedule of sensor trigger; the video will be pop up when sensor is triggered. The video will be returned to customer's original setting when trigger is not activated.   Database: Delete empty folders automatically or when re-index is enabled. Recording rate: Motion detection recording rate is same as software setting.   Playback: Support overlay display when playback video clips.   Display camera location: Change the display way of camera location - Monitor + clips or clips.   Time stamp format: Support to change the time stamp format from Witness Pro software.   Video format: Using YUY2 video display format; disable the other video display format.   Compression: The MPEG 4 allows to changing the compression rate, sharpness and key frame.   Speed dome protocol: Add the Mikimi’s Speed dome protocol.   Individual notify: Allow setup the individual notification for each Motion detection schedule.
  9. cctvfan

    Fried Bullet IR camera

    Most IR bullets use 12VDC. Not saying 24VAC bullets do not exist, but less common, only those that support line lock sync mode. Could it be that the bullets are 12VDC and mislabeled as 24VAC (of course 24VAC will surely fry a cam expecting 12VDC.)
  10. Close, but not quite (screen layout a bit different). I've just checked Microjack's site. The card of my customer must either be 4 Eyes Home or 4 Eyes Pro, but I have no way to tell, unless I open up the PC next time. But was quite certain that the Save button does not allow me to save video, but images only. And I can't find any fast forward control for the playback speed. Thanks again for your time Kandcorp!
  11. Thanks Kandcorp! I'll keep that option in mind (when I need to maintain more MicroJack systems). But for now I'm only interested in just solving the above two problems --- if there's no solution, meaning the software has those restrictions, then it's fine.
  12. Hi, trying to maintain an existing PC based system - MicroJack, but can't figure out how to do these in the playback software: 1- altering the playback speed (say 2x, 4x, etc.) I can advance the frames stepwise or drag the timeline slider to an arbitrary time though. 2- exporting video files (the Save button only allows me to save single-frame images) Thx!
  13. I wouldn't be surprised, yours is probably V2.9 Gold (enhanced/customized with your own GUI codes
  14. Witness Pro 2.9 software upgrade is now available at the TW site (www.i-view.com.tw) PS. I love this forum! The new forum is so confusing, spelled with an extra "s", ---- as if this were not enough confusion in this world.
  15. cctvfan

    There is just something about your own house.

    You'r not alone. You can easily find unfinished jobs in my home at any camera location, like dangling video/power feeds in family room that I promised my wife will go behind wall since last year. For me its mainly lack of $$$ motivation. If I don't complete a customer's job, I won't get paid. No such threat in my own projects.