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  1. I have a dahua dvr purchased through securitycameraking, and I use their app and the official dahua app to access my cameras currently. I have a few other IP cameras and was hoping to use one app to connect to all of my cameras but the dahua program only works for their items. I was also hoping somewhere down the road to integrate this all with my home automation system via touchscreens. I'm worried that I may need a different brand DVR to do this because I can't find any third party app that can successfully access the dahua dvr. I recently tried ipcamviewer which crashes the DVR in rtsp and will access the DVR successfully with the "DH DVR" profile but then after a day or so will crash the DVR. When I check the DVR log settings, it looks like the username I made for ipcamviewer is logging in and out of the dvr every second. I checked with securitycameraking and they basically said only the official program can access the dvr's. Ipcamviewer's creator didn't have any other suggestions. Does anyone have a dahua dvr working with ipcamviewer or any 3rd part apps or integrated into a home automation gui?