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Dahua DVR Android App

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I have a dahua dvr purchased through securitycameraking, and I use their app and the official dahua app to access my cameras currently. I have a few other IP cameras and was hoping to use one app to connect to all of my cameras but the dahua program only works for their items. I was also hoping somewhere down the road to integrate this all with my home automation system via touchscreens. I'm worried that I may need a different brand DVR to do this because I can't find any third party app that can successfully access the dahua dvr.


I recently tried ipcamviewer which crashes the DVR in rtsp and will access the DVR successfully with the "DH DVR" profile but then after a day or so will crash the DVR. When I check the DVR log settings, it looks like the username I made for ipcamviewer is logging in and out of the dvr every second. I checked with securitycameraking and they basically said only the official program can access the dvr's. Ipcamviewer's creator didn't have any other suggestions.


Does anyone have a dahua dvr working with ipcamviewer or any 3rd part apps or integrated into a home automation gui?

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The MEyetch apps are all very worthwhile looking at. MEte, VMEyye VMEye Pro HD.

I ahve several QVIS dvrs which are Dahua originated and these all seem to work well

Find one of them in the app store or Google play and then select other apps by this publisher to view whats availavle The publisher is Sun Juan.

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