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  1. essence25

    Axis cameras: P1346, P3346-V & Q6034-E

    Q6034-E Sold. Q6035-E still available.
  2. essence25

    Axis cameras: P1346, P3346-V & Q6034-E

    UPDATE: I also have 2x Q6035-E and 4x P3364-VE. (2x6mm & 2x12mm), manufactured 10/2012 sealed in original boxes. Q6035-E $3100 P3364-VE $750 The P1346 have been sold. Thanks!
  3. I have an Axis P1346 3.5-10mm F1.6, P3346-V 12mm, Q6034-E for sale, new in the original boxes. Price is $800 (P1346), $750 (P3346-V) & $2700 (Q6034-E) via Paypal, shipping within the U.S. only. I've sold a couple of cameras here and I'm all verified on paypal etc. See pictures below: Thanks!
  4. Very annoying flash site with nothing but two flash movies... Honestly, my initial impression. After first visit and playing one of the super cool flash videos, your web site is no longer loading up. "waiting for..."
  5. Hello all IP video lovers, I have found a major issue in nvidia drivers and exacqVision client that applies to all of the few latest Nvidia drivers and XP based kernel (Windows Server 2003/R2, Windows XP). When the VMS client is running and in focus(not minimized) and while displaying multiple video panes the system will use 30%+ cpu in KERNEL mode where it should use none or 1%'ish. This drain is in addition to the regular cpu usage in USER mode. (high DPC usage?) The video panes are also choppy and live video suffers severe frame rate drops and lag, not related to IP cameras pumping frames etc, basically the exacqVision client is useless and does not work properly with these drivers. This problem was introduced with Nvidia 32bit XP driver 196.21 and every subsequent driver up the current 197.45. Last driver that I found working fine with the exacqVision client(this applies to all clients up to the current one v4.0.11.20210) is "Nvidia driver 195.62 WHQL". Systems tested... Boards: Gigabyte / Supermicro Chipset: P35 / X38 OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows 2003 R2 Server SP2 CPU: E8400 / Q9550 RAM: 4GB / 8GB VIDEO Cards: Nvidia 285GTX / 9800GT CPU Monitoring Software: Iarsn TaskInfo 2010 VMS: exacqVision latest + older releases And most likely this occurs on other machines as long one of the mentioned drivers is used and video acceleration is enabled in the VMS client. Hopefully someone can confirm this on an XP or 2003 machine and nvidia video hardware. To make this issue go away, one needs to install Nvidia 195.62 WHQL. Hope someone confirms this... Thank you!
  6. For sale NEW Axis 231D+ PTZ Dome. Comes with all accessories, including Manuals, CD, in ceiling mounting hardware, surface mounting hardware, 24v AC Axis power supply, Euro & USA power cords, Clear Bubble, Interface/Alarm/Power BOX. One awesome feature of this model with the latest firmware is the ability to draw a red box on the object you want the camera to center on and it will instantly zoom in and center on the area you have drawn the box over in the live image view. Super cool!!!! PM me with any questions etc.. USA inquiries only please and only verified buyers no exceptions. (Check my other thread for AXIS 216FD cameras in Black dome or White Dome + see sold/received feedback.) Thanks [/url]
  7. Payment received, thank you!. Camera will go out on Monday May 11, tracking will be provided once it is available.
  8. Thank you! Payment received camera will go out Monday May 11'th via FedEx, will provide tracking info as it becomes available. I still have new cams but without domes cover (for now).
  9. PM Sent... Thanks...
  10. Sent you PM but if you cannot read it, drop me an e-mail Thanks
  11. For sale NEW Axis 216FD in BLACK dome with CLEAR bubble, Cams were bought for large installation and not all were needed. These were custom ordered since they do not come in black normally. (I also have these in White with clear bubble) These are all manufactured in EC Poland and some EC Sweden. Included is a high quality 3COM POE Adapter/Injector instead of a regular power supply. See picture. PM me with any questions etc.. USA inquiries only please. 2 Cameras sold see thread below, still have a few left.
  12. Thanks, What about the Mjpeg version of the same camera? Have you worked with that model?
  13. Has anyone here used IndigoVision equipment? Such as VideoBridges 8000-9000 ?
  14. What do you experts recommend as best megapixel camera brand? I'm looking at Arecont Vision at the moment... Please advise.. Thank you.
  15. essence25

    Help Choosing PTZ Camera

    Hi, You still looking for a PTZ dome ? I have a vicon SVFT-W23 brand new for sale that I'm not using. I bought 2 but never installed the second one. Very nice dome that is fast and accurate. Look up the specs..