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Hikvision Liveview with quicktime stopped working...

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I installed a new hikvision camera yesterday. I configured motion detection, schedules, etc... It worked fine all day yesterday, until I left... I came back today and have not been able to stream live feed with quicktime.


What could have gone wrong? I already did soft reboots, hard reboot, and "restore"... nothing gives...




model DS-2CD2432F-IW

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If you are using quicktime to view it and it stops, that means its a plug-in error, first thing i would do is go uninstall quick time from your computer and then restart and log back into the camera and it should ask you to download a plug in, once you downloaded it, exit your browser and then install the plug-in and see if that works, if not then try a different browser. What browser are you using to view this camera in?

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