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  1. most of the DVR cards currently in market does have the pocket pc client functions.
  2. Yah... the DVR card that we're using also comes with their own software. we'll only need to operate the software.
  3. SMM

    Cabling Estimates

    it is indeed very hard to estimate cables when the camera is installed outdoor, especially at any factory plant. thus cable cost alot for the whole installation.
  4. SMM

    Coax preferences

    for me personally, prefer Draka and Belden cables... more reliable...
  5. Yah..RG59/U is the best, but remember the solid center and the copper braid... cos some of the cable supplier with propose other material of RG59 which is not so suitable to be use. if you are pulling longer than ~200m, you have to use RG11/U instead of RG59/U.
  6. for night time camera, you should choose a camera with IR (infrared cut filter) camera. normally we save on harddisk space by setting up the motion detection recording.
  7. Thanks for the advice. if i splice the cable, i tape it back thightly and nicely will be alright? shouldnt have any signal losses?
  8. If the cable length is not enough, can we join 2 length together to get the length? using RG11 with BNC connector.
  9. Where can we get this device? Is it very expensive?