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  1. martijndk1983

    looking for dvr with pop-up movement

    Sorry I think I was not clear in my post. The dome cameras are not with ptz. it are bullet cameras the grey one I know that there are cheap China dvr's who have this option but I can't find it. and it must be a dvr not an nvr it looks like when there is a motion trigger on a cam that the screen switch to full screen and goes back after a few seconds.
  2. hello i am searching for a new dvr. i have four dome cameras so on my monitor i have 4 squares but i want a dvr that when there is movement in a camera it goes to full screen and goes back to the quad screen after a few seconds.so it has nothing to do with recording because thats 24 houers but it must be in the monitor that hangs on the wall. but i cant find them on alibaba or something. it must be hd,bnc,sata,hdmi,and the pop out screen. thanks for the reply`s. with kind regard.