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looking for dvr with pop-up movement

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i am searching for a new dvr.

i have four dome cameras so on my monitor i have 4 squares but i want a dvr that when there is movement in a camera it goes to full screen and goes back to the quad screen after a few seconds.so it has nothing to do with recording because thats 24 houers but it must be in the monitor that hangs on the wall.

but i cant find them on alibaba or something.


it must be hd,bnc,sata,hdmi,and the pop out screen.


thanks for the reply`s.


with kind regard.

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Axxon Next is pretty slick from my limited experience with it. It'll do a virtual PTZ on a screen & show the operator areas of interest. Very customizable, very complex & involved too - I haven't been able to make it easy yet but I've only spent a few hours with it.

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Sorry I think I was not clear in my post.

The dome cameras are not with ptz.

it are bullet cameras the grey one



I know that there are cheap China dvr's who have this option but I can't find it.

and it must be a dvr not an nvr


it looks like when there is a motion trigger on a cam that the screen switch to full screen and goes back after a few seconds.

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I have Q-See I got from Costco about two years ago.. 2016.

It has Pop-up feature you can set up to do that.

I think you were able to select how long you want that pop-up channel to stay full screen before it goes back to whatever viewing mode you had.

It is very nice feature for my convenience store.  almost like video camera is following a customer poping up video channels whenever they move into 

new camera's view.  It enlarges, so easier for employees to monitor for shoplifters better than watching 3x3 screen.

However, it kind of acts funny when there are few customers in the store at sametime… too many movements.

But overall very nice feature.

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