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  1. Gracef

    software needed

    Hi,netvisiondvr has trial software, you can download it from the website.
  2. Hi,just like they said each brand of capture card has its own software and you can not mix or match software and cards,but the stablity of software is different. You'd better choose the most stable software with cards.
  3. Hi,ayalas,PC-DVR is easy to expand,i mean you can plug up to 5 dvr cards on a pc to up to maximum 64 channels.but stand alone dvr can't. on the other hand,stand alone dvr is not easy to be infected virus. besides,pc-dvr has more demand on software,so it's convenient to add more function.but stand alone dvr can't. Hope it's useful to you!
  4. I am delighted to inform you Netvision hybrid DVR system is available, which will accept both analog video input through cards and IP camera/video server digital input through an Ethernet port.
  5. Hi, in fact, hardware compression dvr 2*16ch can be 960fps in DCIF resolution in real time. and it's hybrid solution can meet your need perfectly. Grace
  6. Hi, in fact,most H.264 hardware compression cards can support maximum 64 channels.so it can be cater to your need of 50----60 IP cameras solution. Additionally, as to the IP surveillance system software , i think the most important aspect is the software function but not only how many brand IP camera can support.
  7. Gracef

    avtech gprs viewing

    Hi,i am agree with ravenss,in fact,only has 3-6 fps.the lag problem depend on the rate of internet transmit and mobile CPU.
  8. HI,we often recommend Intel motherboard and ATI graphics.So i think they are best for pc-dvr.
  9. Gracef

    Pelco dvr 5100

    hI,NV4008HF can be 4CIF resolution realtime when recording. which can meet your demand perfectly.
  10. Gracef

    Need help on DVR skip frames recording

    hi,to my knowledge,motion detection work well according to the contrast.If the place is too dark,maybe motion detection can't work well.
  11. Gracef

    Defacto DVR?

    Ya,don't mind where it comes from.just can meet your needs is good.Normally,some software compression cards can meet your needs and cheaper, but now some new model hardware compression cards is cheaper too,and can meet your needs perfectly.
  12. Gracef

    Canadian Eh!

    HI,I am Grace,from China netvision technology. Nice to know all of you!
  13. Gracef

    32 camera DVR

    hehe,netvision hardware compression cards can support maximum 64 ch.
  14. Hi,NV4016HC and NV4016HCS H.264 hardware compression card can do 480fps on 16 channels at D1 in Realtime in preview. In recording,NV4008HF can do 240fps on 8 channes at 4CIF in Reatime.
  15. Hi, for the best recording quality,please set the resolution at 704*576(PAL)、704*480(NTSC) ,please have a try!