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  1. Liquid_Squelch

    HD-CVI / HD-CVI Locked to Reseller's equipment

    The 720P is just the area I copied. They have 1080p as well. Is there a FAQ or write up about TVI / CVI on this Forum? It is good to hear that the technology can't be locked down to a reseller. Thanks.
  2. Liquid_Squelch

    HD-CVI / HD-CVI Locked to Reseller's equipment

    That is what I thought. Maybe they "tweaked the code" a bit? After all, it is a digital signal. This is in the description above each camera category on their site. TVI Camera Page: CVI Camera Page:
  3. All, I apologize in advance if I've posted this in the wrong forum, or if this was a question asked somewhere else on the board. I wasn't able to find my answer while searching the forums. My Analog DVR is failing, so it is time to look for something new. My budget does not allow me to buy a completely new system, so one of the Tri-Mode Hybrids are what I am looking at. There is a business that I have used in the past and I am happy with them. The problem is, it looks like all of the their HD-TVI and HD-CVI cameras only work with their DVRs. I understand that the DVR's are rebranded clones of another major DVR company, and all locally sold DVR's are in the same category. My question is, is this a standard in the industry now that HD-CVI and HD-TVI's can be paired only to equipment sold via a particular outlet? Why is it not like an analog system where any box can record any camera? I will not buy a system tied to reseller A and it does not give me the option to add equipment from reseller B? Or is it just this one reseller doing this and I should take my business elsewhere? Or should I just buy the direct "Name Brand" boxes and not the rebranded boxes sold via US Distribution? If anyone was asking, I haven't made my mind up yet between HD-CVI or HD-TVI, and minus the big companies behind both, I'm not sure I see much of a difference either. Thanks.
  4. The September 14, 2014 release of gDMSS Plus immediately crashes my Dahua clone dvr. I've tried to log in with two different mobile devices, both with the updated gDMSS Plus Release. While watching the CCTV output, when I attempt a connection, the clock drops from the screen and all front panel buttons no longer respond. A hard reboot is required to bring the DVR back into service. I wish there was a way to roll back to a previous version of gDMSS.
  5. Liquid_Squelch

    Caught on camera- landscapers behaving badly

    Thanks for the info. That explains the difference. I record all 12 cameras 24/7
  6. Liquid_Squelch

    Caught on camera- landscapers behaving badly

    You were able to go back a month? How big is your HDD, and how many cameras are you recording with? How much time can you typically store? My 1TB drive only handles about 10 days at D1 compression for 12 cameras.
  7. Liquid_Squelch

    Record/hdd light always on,Help

    My HDD light is red on my DVR when the HDD is full. It doesn't really matter because the way I have mine setup, the new files overwrite the old files. So, in this config, the HDD will ALWAYS be full. Maybe that explains why your HDD light is on too.
  8. Liquid_Squelch

    Best Option for Sound Capture

    All, I've had a cheap condenser microphone located in the gable vent of my attic "looking" down at the street below. It was good enough to hear car passing, horns honking, or the occasional kids yelling as they walk down the street. Example of what I had, not the exact same: Lately the condenser microphone has been flaky. It hasn't always been working, and I believe it is because the unit isn't supposed to be out in the elements. The microphone is behind the screen in the attic, but I'm afraid that the moisture has gotten to it. So, I decided that now was a good time to think about an upgrade. I picked up a 10watt passive speaker pa horn. Those $10 all weather plastic coned shaped speakers. I was planning on using it as the microphone. I'm not hearing anything other than background noise. I can't even pickup the wind blowing past the screen, something the condenser mike had no problems with. My questions are: Has anyone used one of these cone speakers on their CCTV setup, and do they work as a microphone? If so, how many watts was the speaker capable with the one you used? The speaker I have is an 8ohm version. If I hold the speaker and talk directly into it, I can barely hear myself. Something is telling me I probably need to amplify the incoming sound in order for it to work properly. Maybe I should just get one that has a build in amp and run it off my CCTV 12v panel? Please keep in mind, this is a question on the speaker/mic itself. Not how to setup the DVR to include audio on the encoder. I have that enabled for the proper camera. Like I said, the old condenser microphone would work whenever it decided too after a few months of perfect service. Thanks all for the help.
  9. I had the same problem a few months back. My Chinese 'brandless' dvr crapped the bed after a few months of use. The Ebayer had a warranty when I bought it, but he was long gone when I needed him. Coming to this website, asking the same question you are, I was pointed to a reseller. I now buy most of my supplies from them. Great company! I have coworkers and family members who now purchase from them as well.
  10. Liquid_Squelch

    How do you watch your footage?

    I save my files in 5 minute "chunks". Each morning before work, I turn on the monitor and start the playback from midnight on just the cameras that I am interested in. I then use the "next file" button on my DVR's front panel and I am able to easily see what happened on my cameras in 5 minute snapshots. If something catches my eye, I'll then let the video play at 4x speed (the fastest option on my DVR). I can usually pan through an entire night in just a few minutes.
  11. Liquid_Squelch

    Interesting Dahua DVR developments

    What program are you using to FTP to the DVR? I tried ports 21, 22, 23 and was unable. When I telnet in, my images are located here: /usr/data/Data I have no images in /tmp
  12. Not really a "black box" explanation, more like the 30,000 foot view I could have said it was "FM". 'bleeping' magic
  13. You both missed the question. The question was, how does his router know there is a CCTV box on the other end to talk to? The simple answer to that question is the router could care less what is on the other end, or what is plugged into it. As long as the software on your computer knows how to work with the packets sent by the DVR, all is ok. It is the same no matter what you plug into it.. Plug in a playstation, xbox, netflix device (boxee, ruku, etc), as long as packets in can talk to packets out, the router just routes the raw traffic.
  14. Is there anyway to do this from one of today's LCD TV's? Specifically I have a Samsung TV with Composite, HDMI, VGA, and RCA connections for Video. As far as I can tell, there isn't any SCART socket on any of my TVs. I'm in the USA.
  15. Liquid_Squelch

    Interesting Dahua DVR developments

    wow, awesome info. Telnet works great on my DVR, just snooping around for now.... nothing interesting to find. But, that TaniDVR looks like something I could use. I was looking for a Linux program (or as they call it on the sourceforge page, "aproper OS". I'll be loading that up tonight Thanks for the info! (Unfortunately, there is no /var/log/messages file)