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remote access DVR on two routers

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good day, im having trouble accessing my DVR from the net. i have two routers 1st router(prolink H6300g) 2nd router(Linksys WRT120N) on the network and my dvr is attached to the second router(linksys), my dvr uses TCP:37777 UDP:37779 port:80.

using canyouseeme.org port37777 and port80 is open but port37779 cant be seen. can anyone help me configuring my DVR so i can remote it from the internet??? thnxs.

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First, I would try something other than port 80. Many ISPs block that port.


2nd, does it work internally on from a computer on the same LAN? If so, continue, if not, you'll have to find out why.


3rd, Did you set port forwarding for all ports to the DVR through all the routers it is behind?

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Lets say your first router subnet is 10.0.0.x and 2nd router is 192.168.1.x and dvr ip is


When you login to the admin of under WAN area youll see whats ip it got from the first router, lets guess its for example.


What you want to do is port forward on the first router all the ports required for your dvr to

And on the second router forward the same ports to your dvr


In the dvr network setting make sure you have the sunbet mask, default gw and dns information of the second router.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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