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Hey everyone,


I am designing a system for a large Morton Building, of which half of the building has been converted to office space. The building is 40' x 80'. I am designing the system to have 12 cameras, 8 exterior, 4 interior, all IP 2mp. There are already 3 HDTV monitors in the building, all of which connected to direct tv(hoping to inject CCTV signal into direct tv signal and create custom channel?) Or should I just run HDMI from NVR direct to monitors?. The client wants 7 days backup on HDD, so my plan is to use 8TB NVR.


Anyone have suggestions? comments? all would be appreciated.





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For this cctv install, you can run HDMI from the NVR to all 3 TV's with a HDMI Splitter, but be careful to test for compatibility issues before doing any hard-wiring.

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