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  1. eric

    Alcatraz ALD-810; pros, cons

    Here is a sample image of Alcatraz ALD-810D over the net.
  2. Hi Andrew, Sorry I didn't see this message before. COVISEC has a nice tool which allows you to find installers within 100 mile radius of your zip code. The installers are not associated with us but it is a way for us to put installers and customers in contact with each other, free of charge. You may find them at www.coastalvideosecurity.com then look for the big button that says "Customers, check out our free installers finder tool" Thanks Eric
  3. eric

    any installer in LA?

    Hi, we have several registered installers in the LA, TX, AR general area. They are easy to find if you have the zip code of the installation. You may also go to our installer database and search for anyone within 100 mile radius. Just go to www.coastalvideosecurity.com and click on the link "Security Installers Finder Tool". Hope that helps. If not, give us a call and we can put you in contact with several. 1-800-215-2294 Thanks
  4. eric

    Alcatraz ALD-810; pros, cons

    Hi, The D series from the Alcatraz brand (ALD-410D, ALD-810D and ALD-1610D) is by far our best series of standalone DVRs yet. Covisec is selling these mostly to installers and corporate buyers and the reviews so far have been exceptional. There is a demo set up on the Covisec website. Thanks
  5. eric


    The ALD-410D is sold by Covisec and it comes with 2 year warranty. Because it uses JPEG2000 and H-264, you get the best of both worlds (good image compression and fast network speed). The ALD-410D is made in Korea which in and out of itself tells you that the quality is better than Chinese made DVRs. There is a live demo posted on the Covisec website www.covisec.com
  6. eric

    Need a better DVR

    As far as the Covisec Alcatraz is concerned, we can compete with price, features and most important of all, customer service with any major manufacturer. The Alcatraz DVRs come with 2 Year warranty, US based tech support and market leading reliability. They include features such as DVD burner, VGA card, USB back up, CMS, etc. which are optional on most competing brands (that usually means additional cost).
  7. I am very adamant with my customers and always let them know that audio recording can really complicate things for them, both operationally and legally. Many states have unique rules about privacy and recording audio. Many judges accross the country would not hesitate in throwing out your hard earned evidence just because you recorded someone's conversation without their consent. Of course, this is not the case for every state, but do keep in mind that this is the land where you can sue McDonalds and win for serving your hot coffee too...hot. just my 2 cents..
  8. eric

    ISC East 2007 Sept 11-12

    We just returned from ISC East in NYC, it was a great show and certainly met our expectations. We had a great line up of products and the assisting public responded very favorably to our Alcatraz DVRs and Cameras. The only part that really got to me was the cost associated with the participation (I am not talking about the rental of the booth) of this show. It seems that every single step has been arranged in such a way that the organizers will charge you abusive fees for some pretty ridiculous things. Things such as transportation to and out of the show, booth set up and upkeep, etc are so overpriced that I would not hesitate to say that they inhibit participation and would eventually bring the show down. You can't even breathe without paying the union for it. Anyone whith experience in the topic? We are preparing to exhibit in ISC West and would like to keep a lid on the expenses. I am aware that this is not cheap, but I don't think is too much to ask for Reed and Freeman (Organizers and logostics) to keep it reasonable. Thanks
  9. You can get a contact number for tech support by calling Coastal Video Security 800-215-2294. www.coastalvideosecurity.com
  10. This is one of the reasons why I wish the security industry would come up with a standard method of back up and reviewing information. The current method works fine when the products are relatively new and the user has access to the manufacturer for software upgrades and downloads. But as products age and sellers, dealers and manufacturers go out of business, the users are left with products which no one can support.
  11. The new units (JADV-1600) have remote bandwidth adjustment tool that allows you to select good speed or the great JPEG2000 quality across the net. The advanced motion detection rivals that of any of the $5000 units and the CMS software allows users to view as many locations as they wish from a single consolidated screen.
  12. Although the JSD-400L has a USB port, that port is for incoming firmware upgrades only (no data output from the DVR). We have access to an AJP program which would allow you to save the image the way you wish but unfortunately we cannot post the link on the forum. Also, please ensure that the model you have is the JSD400L and not the JSD-400 (the L stands for LITE and does not usually include internet connectivity) If iyou google "BitmapRip", you'll find the program that extracts jpegs, from the ajp file. Thanks
  13. eric

    Samsung GVI versus Samsung Techwin

    If you you want to stay within the Samsung line of products, then your camera is should be the SCC-C2391. Don't guide your decision based on the distributor. Samsung Techwin is chinese made (you know what that means). GVI Samsung is Korean made (more reliability, better machines). But going back to the prduct itself. The SCC-C2391 offers what you are looking for and more. It has 540 TVL during the day and up to 570 TVL BW at night. Thanks
  14. eric

    ssc14web sscdvr SAMS

    The Samsung SSC-14WEB does give you the ability of setting up a single (switching mode) display. Enter the menu button and find the "dwell" time setting. The dwell time setting specifies how long you want the picture to appear on the screen before it goes to the next picture. Another way of doing it is by connecting a 4 channel DVR (SHR-1040, JADV-400) etc to the back of the monitor. The monitor has 8 inputs but only 4 outputs, that means you can only extract the signal from the first 4 cameras and record them individually. Once they are connected to the DVR, you put the monitor on "VCR" mode and you may view your cameras however you'd like. Hope this help.
  15. Unfortunately you have and item and an issue which do not work together. The first problem is that the SMO150 (and any one of the Samsung RJ11 based systems), the cameras need that specific monitor to be able to produce a picture. You cannot take the camera and connect it into another device and make it work. Second, the SMO150QN only has one video output and cannot be split onto more than that. You may record on quad mode or single (switch) mode. But the recording would only be of that image which is displayed on the screen. Bottom line, if an image is not on the monitor screen, it is not being recorded. Why do I know this? Over 7 years selling teh Samsung DIY line of products.