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    Anyone going to CPSE in Shenzhen?

    Not too popular here either.
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    IndigoVision 10600

    I don't think it is possible. IndigoVision's proprietary cameras typically don't display images on the camera's web page. You might be able to get a 30-day trial of Control Center by registering on their support page at https://www.indigovision.com/en-us/products/management-software/free-trial.
  3. "Their market position has shrank"? To which market are you referring? Certainly not the casino industry. But then again, your coverage of that industry was always poor, at best, and with my departure from your site, it apparently became nearly nonexistent, as relayed to me by several of your members. Your article on IndigoVision by Brian Karas (Published on Oct 12, 2016) states: "Software-Only Sales Control Center will be installable on standard PC/Server hardware, allowing customers to purchase only licenses and use their own hardware, a change from the previous bundled hardware/software NVR approach." - IndigoVision's Control Center and the associated recording software NVR-AS has been available as a software-only product since at least mid-2013, which is when we bought it. IndigoVision does recommend Dell products and their computer hardware offering is basically Dell but it can be installed on pretty much any Windows 7+ compatible hardware. In fact our system isn't IndigoVision's advertised hardware but Dell servers and RAID systems. We've also successfully installed Control Center on a 5 year old Core 2 hp tower computer. IndigoVision has also published generic equipment recommendations for their software for at least as long; specifying things like CPU, RAM and GPU needs for different streaming capabilities. The most laughable statement you made is "we actually gave you extra $23.45 credit (nearly 3 more months) for commenting after you cancelled". WTF is that supposed to mean? After I cancelled? How magnanimous of you to give someone you basically hounded off their site a credit after they cancelled their membership. You're the bomb!
  4. survtech

    Clicked Format by mistake

    Dude, It's a DVR. Unless there's something recorded that's super-critical, why bother with data retrieval? If it's just video data, there is no "there" there.
  5. LOL. John Honovich is, and always will be a pompous ass. He has his favorite manufacturers and if you, as a manufacturer, don't bow to him, he'll blackball you. I believe bowing includes providing him with free products to "test". One example: he constantly bashed one manufacturer. When asked if he had ever tested any of their products, he ranted about how they are proprietary and he won't test proprietary products. When I pointed out that their equipment is ONVIF compliant, he completely ignored that and bashed them some more. I never got a straight answer from him on the nature of his real problem with them and when I questioned him again, he ranted at me, down-voted every one of my posts and argued with me about every one of my posts - even on unrelated subjects. It got so bad I quit IPVM. The SOB never even refunded the balance of my membership fees. I've been told he continues to bash me whenever my name comes up, like when someone asks why I don't post anymore. I don't work for the company in question but we use their VMS and products. Very happy with both.
  6. survtech

    Clicked Format by mistake

    Can you click "format" again? If you unplugged the DVR before formatting was completed, most likely you just have to complete the process before the HDD becomes useable again.
  7. survtech

    Weird fog.

    You wouldn't happen to be located in Antonio Bay, California, would you?
  8. Talk to Sennetech. Sennetech Video & Control Interface Products
  9. survtech

    IP over coax dropping

    "The working range could up to 200 meters at 10Mbps speed." 10Mbps is awfully low. Figure that's best case and then figure you may get 50% or less of that if everything in the chain isn't perfect. That means no splices, good, solid BNC connections, 100% copper/copper cable and so on.
  10. It doesn't concern me because I/we don't buy Hikvision products. Also, Hikvision is now wholly owned by the Chinese government - they own 42%.
  11. Not when dealing with electrical codes. For many code purposes, anything higher than 30 volts between conductors is considered to be "high".
  12. https://www.police.uk/contact/ "Alternative non-emergency telephone numbers If 101 is not yet available in your area please see the list below for alternative police force non-emergency telephone numbers." https://www.police.uk/contact/#alternative-numbers
  13. Thank you, it worked. I tried a 1500 mA 12v power supply on a 700mA 12v camera and it worked well. Do you know if on the long period using an higher amperage can result in an hardware failure? I want to be sure on that. Thank you in advance. 1500mA is the maximum the power supply can provide but it only will supply what the device needs so no problems.
  14. survtech

    pelco spectra 3 ?

    If the PTZ has a heater/blower, 2 amps is insufficient if the heater/blower is "on" but plenty to run the camera. 24VAC only. 12VDC will not power it. If yours is an original Spectra III, the power supply could be failing. Pelco produced an "upgraded" power supply subassembly called the DD53KIT. It resolves power issues with the Spectra III systems and also replaces the problematic cooling fans with a passive cooled heat sink. See HERE
  15. You may have valid points about Mike but John Honovich is not the shining light you make him out to be. He is just as nasty and spiteful as you claim Mike is.
  16. survtech

    80 cameras in 50,000 ft²

    IP would have the advantage that you could record all cameras on one NVR. Also, you wouldn't have to home run each cable.
  17. It depends on a number of factors. While changing the I-frame setting can affect bit rate, it's not as simple as that. 24 probably means there is one I-frame for every 23 P-frames. When running 20fps, that means one I-frame every 1.2 seconds. So to save space, you would have to raise, not lower, that setting. But a lot depends on the capabilities of the encoder. Changing I-frame intervals can affect the size of the P-frames and actually result in higher bitrates and/or lower picture quality. My suggestion is to experiment. Note the original settings, then change encoder settings and observer the result.
  18. survtech

    IPVM Camera test

    What is the point? Does your employer require you to receive passing grade(s) on IPVM tests? Do you think copying answers from someone else's test is better than actually learning what they're teaching? Are you certain IPVM is expert in all things CCTV?
  19. And your point is...? Again, very few Surveillance systems are designed to work with Apple products. Calling one "the best" just because it does work with Macs is like calling an Amphicar the best because it was the only motor vehicle that was also a boat (actually, not the only one now but you know what I mean).
  20. Working with Mac and "best system" tend to be mutually exclusive since the vast majority of systems don't work with Macs.
  21. survtech

    Line drawing on a CCTV image

    Many ViewZ monitors have glass fronts (and metal, not cheap plastic, cabinets). http://viewzusa.com/
  22. survtech

    Suggestions for a good dash cam?

    Most people use GoPro or Garmin cameras but take a look at Z-Edge Z3 3" Screen 2K Ultra Full HD 2560 x1080, 2304 x1296 Car Dash Cam
  23. Actually, Belden makes and has made so many different coaxial cables and cable combinations that their catalog was always bewildering in its breadth and complexity. They have had CCS RG59 cable in their catalog for at least as long as I've been involved with electronics (1967), specifically for RF use like TV antennas and drop cables. So they haven't followed anyone. Different cables for different applications - and they have always had so many different cables. For instance, in RG59 alone, they produce at least 98 CCS and 120 Bare Copper RG59 cables. Actually an excellent idea when the manufacturer is unknown or suspect. Copper-clad (or coated) steel is also a lot "stiffer" than pure copper.
  24. Maybe, except the one doesn't prove the other. There's plenty of (cheap) 20 gauge CCS RG59 coax out there.
  25. Sorry, that's wrong. In the U.S., most RG59 for CCTV is 20 gauge center conductor, whether it's solid copper or CCS. The most (in)famous manufacturer of 23 gauge RG59 is Belden.