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  1. Does any one know officially if the newer larger hard drives from WD Purple or Seagate SkyHawks are SMR? What are the views of using a SMR drive for CCTV? This article seems to suggest that the new 10TB Purples are still (at the time of the articles writing) PMR. But I'd really like something more official.
  2. Joeinamillion

    help with cctv camera

    There are a lot of great inexpensive cameras out there, but remember a great camera attached to and older DVR, and/or screen may not give a great recording. If your DVR maximum recording is 320p, 480p, etc... a 1200TVL won't look any better in playback. I just don't want you to be disappointed. The good news is that many high rez analog 4 ch DVR are pretty inexpensive too.
  3. I would like to get a few of these (HikVision DS-2CS54A1P(N)-IRS). They are 720p analog mini domes. I love this models tiny size, and it matches my DS-2CD2532F-IS. I used to see them on Aliexpress, but not now. I have only found them sold on non-english sites, and one "english" site, but not sure if I want to buy from and unknown site http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/search.do?searchkey=DS-2CS54A1P-IRS. I don't even know if its an active listing there.
  4. I have Hikvision IP cameras. One of these cameras has an analog output for testing when installing (DS-2CD2732F-IS) [D-Link rebrands this model with a BNC out, Ethernet out, alarm out, and power in, just FYI]. I am hoping to be able to find a similar connection spot on my other models (DS-2CD2135F-IS and DS-2CD2532F-IS). Clearly on the other models there is nothing from the manufacturer for a connection, but surely there must be some place where the camera connects to the encoder? I guess I need the Hikvision plug schematics. I'm am doing this only as a enthusiast hobbyist. I guess there is no market for an analog live view (zero lag) camera with all the bonuses of IP mainly because of the extra wiring.
  5. I am not familiar with your brand of DVR, but many DVRs simply use a web browser based interface. So you should be able to access and set up the DVR by using your web browser (ie. Firefox), type in the DVRs IP address (eg., and login into the DVR. The rest gets specific to each make and model of DVR. Also many DVRs create uncommon file formats, and need a file converter or a special player to view the recordings. If you need to get the files off your DVR; many have USB back up options. Not ideal I know. I suggest trying to find the manual for your DVR. My Google search came up with the Xvim brand for sale, but you didn't include a model number so I couldn't look any further. Best of luck.
  6. The subject says it all. I am looking for an English Manual for a HikVision DS-2CD2135F-IS. TIA, joe
  7. I am testing a HikVision DS-2CD2532F-IS with a 128GB Micro SDXC card. According to HikVision the camera will work with cards only up to 64GB, but since I have both the camera and the card i thought I'd try it out. I would like comments, questions, and suggestions. Here is some information on how I am testing: Camera: HikVision DS-2CD2532F-IShttp://overseas.hikvision.com/us/Products_accessries_10505_i7571.html Model: Chinese, with English Mod. Firmware: V5.2.5 build 141201 Encoding: V5.0 build 140714 25fps @ 1080p Card: Silicon Power SP128GBSTXBU1V20SP So far the camera saw the card without issue, initialized (formatted) the card without issue to 128gigs, and recorded 100gigs of data to the card without issues, and I have tested a play back fine. At this point is it safe to say the card works fully? Is there any reason not to use this card (other than the manufacture only says the cameras work only up to 64gigs in the data sheet)? The only reasons I can think of would be if the camera has issues indexing the files on the card (I've been told that is the reason some other type of devices only recommend up to certain sizes.) So maybe a large card could cause the camera to become 'laggy' or sluggish (the reason suggested by device testers) with recording, or even encoding (eg. Live View, network recording)? I bought the card to use with a DS-2CD2135F-IS, which can use a 128GB card according to HikVision's Data Sheet. That is a newer version of the DS-2CD2132F-IS and there seems to be little difference between the two, so maybe HikVision is working a on DS-2CD2535F-IS, with the same differences?
  8. I want to buy two HikVision DS-2CD2135F-IS cameras but I am unsure if they can record in H.264, as well as H.265. I also would like a link to the manual, specs sheet etc. please (found nothing on Hikvision.com)
  9. I hope some one can point me to a reputable aliexpress seller for these cameras listed below. (The sellers I used in the past are either gone from aliexpress or no longer carry these cameras.) Free shipping to Canada is good too, I'm in no rush. HikVision DS-2cd2132F-IS with 2.8mm lens HikVision DS-2CD2532F-IS with 2.8mm lens and 4mm lens sold in single units. Also looking for an 8 channel NVR to go with these. I would like to use one with two 4TB+ 3.5" HDDs.
  10. I would like know if it's possible to buy, or make house numbers out of IR lights. Some IR LED glow bright red and I think would make for a great dual purpose covert IR lamp. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks, but apparently no one is using it. All the text is gray on the same color gray background, so the text is invisible. Charming. I have the white-windows to fill stuff in, but I don't know what they are. It's not possible to highlight the text, and it's immune to themes. Very covert... The Linux WebComponents linked above simply isn't seen by any browser. The libs land in /usr/local/lib/WebComponents, but probably because it's 32bit and my browsers are 64bit, they don't see it. I would think iVMS-4200 for both Windows and Linux would have the same layout. You might have success using screen caps of the Windows version to know what text should correspond with each field. It's not the greatest work around, but I don't think filling in the fields is going to be a common task. Even if it is, you'll soon remember. Either way, if that works, just keep the screen caps handy. For WebComponents... maybe installing the 32bit browser version? I've never tried installed to install both 32bit and 64bit of anything on the same computer, it could cause problems. I started playing with Linux Mint at the start of May 2015, but by the time I get back to it, and even attempt really using it for anything (like iVMS-4200, or WebComponents) it could be next May. If you have any success please keep every one posted (there are shy non-posters here that you might just help.)
  12. I can only guess at this as I have zero experience with equipment in cars, but this sounds like interference. Here are some simple tests before you do anything else: Get the camera and monitor turned on and 'working', fuzzy lines and all. 1) Watch the monitor and adjust the radio (change stations, FM/AM/Cassette/CD, volume, etc. On/Off too. ), If the lines change, it is likely interference from the radio. 2) If possible try to use the monitor to view something else (such as a dvd player), but keep the monitor installed just as it is in the car. If the lines go away now it's likely your cable run getting interference someplace, so try a new cable run in a different location. If the lines remain (while the monitor is hooked up to something else) it could be the placement of the monitor, or where it is plugged in (cigarette lighter port?) 3) Almost anything using electricity can cause interference (lights, wipers, fuel pump, anything). So watch the monitor, and try lights, wipers, etc. This is very unlikely to have anything to do with the issue you are currently experiencing, but I thought I would mention it. The most likely cause is the car radio/stereo/amp*. If you can find some other place to run your wires (away from all other wires is ideal, but maybe not possible) it may solve the fuzzy line issue. Try to keep your wire run away from anything A/V (Including the radio antenna). Do temporary runs and test before a permanent install to see if this is your problem. Heavier insulated cables maybe help, and maybe a filter (not sure about the filter, I'm 100% guessing.) *This is even more likely if you have some after market sound system install in the trunk. Hope this solves the issues.
  13. Joeinamillion

    DS-2cd2032F-I IP camera

    If you do use citronella oil I'd suggest trying to keep it away from, and off of the IRs and camera lens, obviously. Also try to avoid things like any stickers, or 'rubbery' (aka soft) gaskets, as the oil may cause stickers to peel (the under side of the Sunshade on the 2032F looks like a black sticker (Could you let me know?)?, and it could cause gaskets to deteriorate. Oh OK, so it's more like a factory reset on a router. All the settings go back to defaults. Not something to do by accident then. Yeah, best to ask and know what it'll do before you push it. You could end up with a all Chinese camera, AND if you read The Network Camera Critics (who has sadly passed away ) warning about new HikVision firmware, it could become an even bigger problem. Not buying is a sure way top keep your money . And also remember, in a short time the price will drop, and in a short time after that the newer model will be out, and just after that will be.... anything electronic is basically like that. In the early 2000's a 720p 60Hz LCD 40" TV was $10k, today it's landfill.
  14. Joeinamillion

    DS-2cd2032F-I IP camera

    Good points. The spiders are relentless, I was thinking of some sort of insect spray repellant. citronella oil is said to work, of course you'd probably have to make it part of your routine 'maintenance'. I pretty sure the reset button does a lot more than that. I think it resets all changes, possibly even IP and port. Unplugging it would just re-boot it. My plan is to focus at the driveway. There's only one entry/exit. I need to do my sums and work where I can mount the cam, then figure the lens size required. Closer would be good because I could use the 2032 with 12mm option. The 2032 would be a much less costly idea. Maybe using a 5mp camera would be an option (I know nothing about those, not cost... nothing ).
  15. Joeinamillion

    DS-2cd2032F-I IP camera

    I like the domes mainly to (hopefully) deter spiders from turning the cameras into luxury movie star condos. The 2032 bullets are awesome for a lot of reasons too such as: easy access to the card and reset button. The tiny size of the camera. It's easier to install. It has a sunshade. The lens is likely to stay cleaner, longer. And the IRs are less likely to reflect inside. 16mm? I guess that would be a box camera? Even the 12mm dome and bullets are hard to find. But even a 16mm might not get what you want. A parking lot is generally a big area, and to get a 16mm FOV on a plate number would be a 'shot in the dark' I would think. Good luck though.