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Analog output from and digital (IP) camera?

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I have Hikvision IP cameras. One of these cameras has an analog output for testing when installing (DS-2CD2732F-IS) [D-Link rebrands this model with a BNC out, Ethernet out, alarm out, and power in, just FYI]. I am hoping to be able to find a similar connection spot on my other models (DS-2CD2135F-IS and DS-2CD2532F-IS). Clearly on the other models there is nothing from the manufacturer for a connection, but surely there must be some place where the camera connects to the encoder? I guess I need the Hikvision plug schematics.


I'm am doing this only as a enthusiast hobbyist. I guess there is no market for an analog live view (zero lag) camera with all the bonuses of IP mainly because of the extra wiring.

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