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  1. I have a hik Dvr networked to my iphone 5c IVMS-4520 app. It is networked through my own dyndns server. I paid some one to network it for me nearly a year ago now, It has worked perfect ever since. Untill last week when it randomly stopped connecting to my phone. Could any one recommend why this could just randomly have stopped working. I have checked the server and it all seems ok and the IP address is ok etc....
  2. skywalkerdigital

    cant network sannce DVR to iphone!!! driving me mad!!

    Thanks Tom yes it does show network found. And works in search in lan I will try to network manually as you suggested. Could you please give me detailed instructions on how to first locate and then set up by using IP address. I am a complete novice when it comes to networking. Thanks Again Very much appreciated
  3. having problems every time I attempt to network a sannce dvr to my iphone. I have scanned the QR code on the vMEyeCloud app and it just will not not work. However it does work EXTREMELY Slow if I use the search in lan, But that is only while I am next to the dvr on the same wifi so pointless as I want to look at my house cameras while I'm at work etc. please can anyone advise me on what the problem is lightly to be.??? CHEERS GUYS
  4. Hi I have recently bought a sannce DVR and I am looking for advise on how to get it on my iPhone . I have scanned the barcode but it isn't showing the cameras. Can any one help . Is there a different app that I could use
  5. skywalkerdigital

    NOVICE needing help setting up IVMS-4500 for iphone 5

    Can any one please help!!?. I have typed in the correct devise domain name code into my app - but when I press apply it says connection failed ..
  6. I have just bought the Hikvision DS-7204HVI-SV I have downloaded the ivms-4500 app which I presume is the right app? need some advise how to set this up in my phone as it just won't work cheers
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  9. skywalkerdigital

    Problems screwing dome cameras to there wall brackets

    FINALLY Some one who actually knows what I am talking about. Do these extensions make it much easier to get the cameras up? Thanks
  10. skywalkerdigital

    Problems screwing dome cameras to there wall brackets

    Because there are so many different brands, each with their own way of mounting, if you can give make and model numbers of the units, and/or photos some one will hopefully be able to give you tips. Triax TDV 796W/G THERE 700TVL 960HCCD Varifocal Dome Cameras
  11. skywalkerdigital

    Problems screwing dome cameras to there wall brackets

    Haha I am not asking for help on drilling screws into the wall !! I am talking about the dome cameras themselves ! You have to screw them into the base/wall bracket - this is where I keep having issues :/
  12. any good advice appreciated !!!! I keep having problems screwing the dome cameras onto their wall brackets! is there any tips or tricks of the trade? I have recently put up 2 cameras and both have threaded when putting them up! I have been wondering about Camera Extension Rings?? Will they make the process easier as the problem I am having is that the camera seems to be pressed against the wall so its a pig to tighten the surround onto the wall bracket.. cheers
  13. skywalkerdigital

    advice needed - how do i get my cable into my loft ??

    If you are running new cable, do yourself a favor and use cat5/6 not rg59...get an ip system...if you insist on analog, use cat5/6 with baluns so you can easily upgrade later.. Do you think I should scrap the RG59 for this install then? do most installers now use cat 5 or 6 with baluns for everything? not just ip I am trying to get as much helpful knowledge as possible so I can install cctv for others when confident
  14. skywalkerdigital

    what is best for home cctv cat5e or 6 ..or RG59

    CVI or tvi is not better in low light...if you compare 720p ip systems to 720p cvi, they will be more or less the same with respect to night vision and low light ..its just when you go to the higher mp cams that night visions suffers. Hd-cvi requires separate power runs which can be a pain and also requires a home run to the dvr..which can be alot of work on some install.. As far as robustness, i dont know what you are talking about...never had ethernet cable fail once its installed.. With 720p ip systems running cheap, its silly to run coax in 2015..it simply makes no sense.. and if op "must" run coax then he should be looking at hd-cvi not the junk 960h systems that look like crap.. OP what is your budget and how many cameras are you installing? When you buy cat6 make sure you buy from a reliable well known seller and that the cable is NOT copper clad aluminum (CCA) rather solid (not stranded) copper cable. Monoprice is a good source.
  15. skywalkerdigital

    what is best for home cctv cat5e or 6 ..or RG59

    Can u please explain what you mean ? Are you saying it's better to always use cat 6 incase you ever want to upgrade ? Cheers