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  1. CCTV/Networking noob here by the way. I have a cheapo wireless CCTV kit (Sannce 8CH-W - Model: N48WHE1TB) Mine looks the same as that but was way cheaper from Aliexpress. Set up was easy, all plug and play and the Android app also set up very easily and everything worked great initially... For some reason whenever my phone comes off of WiFi and on to 4G the CCTV system shows as OFFLINE on the phone which means I can't view it remotely which is a feature I most definitely need! WiFi = ONLINE 4G = OFFLINE The actual system when viewed via HDMI on a TV always shows that the P2P is ONLINE so I don't believe there is anything wrong with the setup of the actual DVR itself (maybe). P2P = ONLINE What I've tried so far: Tried 3 different devices to rule out any settings or mobile network restrictions on the devices Logged out and back in on devices Uninstalled/reinstalled apps on 3 different devices Unchecked DHCP and Cloud P2P in the DVR settings, applied it then rechecked them and reapplied them (as suggested by the manufactures website) I'd like to try the devices on a different WiFi network than the DVR is on but during this lockdown I can't get out to log onto another WiFi network anywhere, this still wouldn't actually fix my issue anyway. My router is a basic SKY router with minimal settings and I assume my IP address gets automatically changed from time to time which is maybe what has caused my problem as the P2P viewing did work fine initially after first installing the system? I actually had a similar problem with my last Samsung 1-box CCTV kit which was one of the reasons I binned it and bought this one, that and the fact the picture resolution was much lower and it wasn't wireless so I had horrible cables everywhere. So I'd really like to solve this problem as I'm pretty happy with the rest of the setup.
  2. Hi, for some reason I can no longer logon to the Samsung ipolis website! The password test does not work either!
  3. The IR LEDs are reflecting off the wall. The camera needs to either be turned out further from the wall, or the camera housing needs to be mounted further from the wall [an electrical box might work]. Excellent thanks, figured it might be something like that, will see what I can do.
  4. Just installed some Samsung cameras, got 2 out of the 4 set up already but one of them is not doing very well in the dark?! Both cameras are looking at the same sort of distance. I will of course try another camera in its place but for now is there any reason that it might be like that? This is what I have: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00M9AD34Y/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item
  5. I don't know if this helps but this is all I have at the minute, these are the settings in the DVR. Just to be clear: I CAN view remotely from a PC from work I CAN view on my iPhone with the Ipolis app as long as I'm at home on the same network as the DVR I CANNOT view on my iPhone via Ipolis when away from home (either wifi, 3G or 4g) So what do I need to put where? I can't figure out where it's gone wrong because the app does actually work, just not away from home. Also when going to the Ipolis website from my home PC and logging in and clicking "watch", all that happens is my home router page comes up. BUT when i go to the same website from my works PC and click "watch", it works! I'm quite confused now tbh. It seems that the app works from home but the PC view does not and vice versa, the app won't work away from home but the PC view will?!!!!
  6. I won't get a chance now until the weekend but I'll go through the DVR settings and post them all up here then maybe I can get some help with the remote viewing setup. I'm sure its nearly all set properly but something just isn't quite right yet.
  7. Wow these forums are quiet. Managed to remote view it from a PC at work but still can't get the iPhone app to work, just says "can't connect" every though it works fine when it's connected to the same WiFi network as the DVR.
  8. I'm quite computer literate but new to CCTV so could just do with a little guidance on getting my settings tweaked.
  9. I can only seem to view my cameras via the Ipolis app if I am connected to the same WiFi network, why is this? Surely I should be able to view the cameras from either a mobile network or from other WiFi networks? If not then that's not much help to me really.
  10. RipGroove

    Ipolis remote view resolution?

    I've pretty much come to the conclusion so far then that through iphone you can only view a low resolution of 352x288 in the correct widescreen aspect ratio as viewed by the camera and remote viewing on a PC you can only view the low 352x288 resolution but also squashed into a square shape regardless of what resolution settings your DVR set is set to. And also that maybe the distance I am covering in the shots above is just too far for any amount of useable detail. This is not too much of a problem as I have 4 cameras and plan to use 2 of them to cover the driveway so each camera will be covering a smaller area with shorter view distance. The shots above were captured with a camera just sat on a window sill for testing purposes. So unless anyone can see anything wrong with my setup or conclusions then I guess I've answered my own questions correctly? Other than the fact the my backed up footage is recorded in 928x576 even though it should actually be 960x576, this still baffles me?
  11. RipGroove

    Ipolis remote view resolution?

    I've just actually managed to backup a small clip to USB, so here's what it looks like, does this look like WD1 960H to you guys? Because to me it looks very very poor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmXlS2ftljI&feature=youtu.be The file info shows that it is 928x576? Even though it should actually be 960x576? Either way I think it looks pretty poor.
  12. Just bought and installed a Samsung SDR-4102 DVD & 4x Samsung SDC-7340BC cameras. All seems to be set up OK, but when viewing the cameras remotely from another PC the resolution is stuck at 352x288 even though the cameras are set to WD1 on the DVR menu? Should I be able to remotely view in WD1 (960H) or can I only view in the lowest resolution? Also the resolution on the actual DVR's monitor looks very low also, no matter what resolution I set in the menu the display looks the same and does not change? According to the DVR menu the available resolutions are: CIF (352x288) 2CIF (704x288) 4CIF (704x576) WD1 (960x576) Also when playing back footage on the DVR the resolution is even worse than that seen when live viewing, I can't even make it the writing on a sign post that's right outside the front of my house? I've not yet actually got as far as transferring any footage to another PC or HDD or CD etc so I don't know for sure exactly what resolution it's actually recording in, all I know is it looks low on the attached monitor and that remote viewing actually has 352x288 written in the corner of the screen, see photos below: iPhone PC [/url] Does all this sound correct? I'm guessing that remote view resolution is going to be poor as its set like that for streaming purposes but the image on the TV when playing back footage from the DVR itself is also very poor.