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Remote viewing of DVR CCTV system stopped working when using 4G but still works on WiFi?

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CCTV/Networking noob here by the way. I have a cheapo wireless CCTV kit (Sannce 8CH-W - Model: N48WHE1TB) Mine looks the same as that but was way cheaper from Aliexpress. Set up was easy, all plug and play and the Android app also set up very easily and everything worked great initially...

For some reason whenever my phone comes off of WiFi and on to 4G the CCTV system shows as OFFLINE on the phone  which means I can't view it remotely which is a feature I most definitely need!





The actual system when viewed via HDMI on a TV always shows that the P2P is ONLINE so I don't believe there is anything wrong with the setup of the actual DVR itself (maybe).



What I've tried so far:

  • Tried 3 different devices to rule out any settings or mobile network restrictions on the devices 
  • Logged out and back in on devices
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled apps on 3 different devices
  • Unchecked DHCP and Cloud P2P in the DVR settings, applied it then rechecked them and reapplied them (as suggested by the manufactures website)

I'd like to try the devices on a different WiFi network than the DVR is on but during this lockdown I can't get out to log onto another WiFi network anywhere, this still wouldn't actually fix my issue anyway.

My router is a basic SKY router with minimal settings and I assume my IP address gets automatically changed from time to time which is maybe what has caused my problem as the P2P viewing did work fine initially after first installing the system?

I actually had a similar problem with my last Samsung 1-box CCTV kit which was one of the reasons I binned it and bought this one, that and the fact the picture resolution was much lower and it wasn't wireless so I had horrible cables everywhere. So I'd really like to solve this problem as I'm pretty happy with the rest of the setup. 

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