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  1. lostsoul65


    I'm looking for an outdoor camera that I can connect to my computer that will record 7/24?
  2. lostsoul65

    Camera for my yard

    I know nothing about video surveillance systems so I want a wireless camera for my yard that I can took into my computer and record and look when I want to. Also I have no idea what I'm doing and that's why I'm posted here.
  3. lostsoul65

    Don't know what I should get?

    I look on amazon and I couldn't find it so what is it called so I can look it up on amazon?
  4. lostsoul65

    Don't know what I should get?

    I want a security camera in my bedroom in case anyone would walk into my bedroom while I'm not there. Which is best wired or wirer less. One with a card in it or one that sends to your computer. I don't know anything about security camera. I have a roommate who I gave a 30 day notice to and she went nuts so this is why I would like a security camera. Would a Nancy cam be a good choice for the bedroom? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. lostsoul65

    Backyard Security

    I don't know why you are asking that question. Anyone posting here I'm sure has done just that. Myself Called the Police 7 Times, Talked to them 3 times, Filed 2 warning. But that wasn't my question, I'm asking about the cameras? Thank You
  6. lostsoul65

    Backyard Security

    I'm looking for a Security system for my backyard. There is a barking dog next door so I would like to video tape the barking dog to take to court so what kind of Security system should I get because I don't know anything about them.
  7. I know nothing about surveillance so I wanted to know what I should buy to have just two cameras for my back yard that I can see on a monitor and record?
  8. lostsoul65

    Selling my house

    Thanks for your reply, it makes since, but I just didn't know.
  9. lostsoul65

    Selling my house

    I'm selling my house and I would like to know who comes in and what they are saying and if it's legal and if so what would be the best system for something like this?