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    I'm looking for an outdoor camera that I can connect to my computer that will record 7/24?
  2. lostsoul65

    Camera for my yard

    I know nothing about video surveillance systems so I want a wireless camera for my yard that I can took into my computer and record and look when I want to. Also I have no idea what I'm doing and that's why I'm posted here.
  3. lostsoul65

    Don't know what I should get?

    I want a security camera in my bedroom in case anyone would walk into my bedroom while I'm not there. Which is best wired or wirer less. One with a card in it or one that sends to your computer. I don't know anything about security camera. I have a roommate who I gave a 30 day notice to and she went nuts so this is why I would like a security camera. Would a Nancy cam be a good choice for the bedroom? Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. lostsoul65

    Don't know what I should get?

    I look on amazon and I couldn't find it so what is it called so I can look it up on amazon?
  5. lostsoul65

    Backyard Security

    I'm looking for a Security system for my backyard. There is a barking dog next door so I would like to video tape the barking dog to take to court so what kind of Security system should I get because I don't know anything about them.
  6. lostsoul65

    Backyard Security

    I don't know why you are asking that question. Anyone posting here I'm sure has done just that. Myself Called the Police 7 Times, Talked to them 3 times, Filed 2 warning. But that wasn't my question, I'm asking about the cameras? Thank You
  7. I know nothing about surveillance so I wanted to know what I should buy to have just two cameras for my back yard that I can see on a monitor and record?
  8. lostsoul65

    Selling my house

    I'm selling my house and I would like to know who comes in and what they are saying and if it's legal and if so what would be the best system for something like this?
  9. lostsoul65

    Selling my house

    Thanks for your reply, it makes since, but I just didn't know.