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  1. jugghedd

    Getting camera streams from Aver NV6480 software?

    You need to load the viewer software on what ever device you're pulling the video from. As long as the firewall and everything is setup properly and the server is reachable from the viewer client, you should be set. One other thing to check if that doesnt work. Make sure the network is started by either pressing the network button on the console or setting it to start automatically under system options. I hope that helps.
  2. jugghedd

    Avermedia remote Setup options greyed out

    unfortunately, NOT permissions. CAn anyone verify that they DO have access to actually change these settings remotely? Like IP camera URLs and recording settings?
  3. I have an Avermiedia NV6000T running on Windows 7 64 bit. Everything seems to be running fine. But, I cant seem to access certain settings remotely. Adding users, modifying cameras, and a couple others are greyed out. Is there a setting to enable these remotely? They all work fine from the server console. I have tried different versions of the web tools and loading from both the server and standalone install.