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  1. Yeah, just find an NTSC English firmware that works for your camera, and NTSC will be the format that it shows in settings.
  2. I just bought a IPC-HDW4300S V2 from AliExpress, and trying the latest firmware didn't brick it at all. I'm very surprised, as I was expecting to need the Telnet method to fix it, or revert to 20140613.bin. LOL, I'm a noob and got all mentally prepared for a big Dahua challenge, and I was excited. I downloaded the newest firmware listed General_IPC-HX5(4)XXX_Eng_N_Stream3_V2.420.0005.0.R.20141205.bin -- and took a courageous plunge using the config tool. I was ready for battle, determined to hack my Dahua camera to make this work. Geez, it installed fine and nothing bricked. Now my IPC-HDW4300S V2 is running the 20141205 NTSC English, and I didn't even have to do anything tricky. What gives?
  3. Hmm, thanks for the response. I don't suppose anyone has a link to HDW-4300S V1 firmware? I can't seem to find it anywhere....
  4. Can anyone tell me if the firmware listed here for HDW-4300S works with Version 1? Or is it only for V2 versions? I see all the firmware mentions V2 in the filename. Example: General_IPC-HX5(4)XXX_Eng_N_Stream3_V2.420.0005.0.R.20141205 I just picked up a 4300S from Alixpress. Good seller, camera works great. But its not V2. Came with nice new English firmware, but I don't know how to go about obtaining the .bin file on the camera, or I would share. Seller won't send it to me. It's running 2.420.0004.0.R, build : 2014-11-03. Hoping to find firmware for version 1 so I can mess around with this camera. I'm afraid to install the V2 files listed here without knowing if they are only for V2. Thanks.
  5. Is there any chance that using a Chinese version of the config tool would make a difference? I had some l luck a year ago when I purchased some Dahua cameras from Ali Express. Upgrading the Eng firmware seemed to brick my cameras, until I tried switching from the English config tool and using the Chinese version (the gui buttons were all in the same place). I'm not sure why, but the Chinese configtool solved my problems. I posted on Cam-It at the time. Not sure I helped anyone though. Just in case, I wanted to share. http://www.cam-it.org/index.php?topic=6510.msg40893#msg40893 I got a 404 error trying to access camera, so I turned off power, restarted, and the camera showed up fine, no problems. So I tried installing the firmware again, and it failed again. Except this time, the camera was not fine. I could not access it by IP address, it gave me a blank white page "Error 404 Not Found" that came from the camera. No matter what I tried, it seemed totally bricked. But then I tried this Chinese tool I have, basically the same as my other Config Tool, so I was able to guess at the Chinese buttons. It was able to connect to the camera, install the new firmware, and fixed the entire issue! Everything is back to normal for me, and my camera has the new firmware installed. So I'm wondering, did I just get lucky, or do I have some magical Chinese tool that overrides regional settings or something-- that can help out other people who bricked with wrong firmware? What I used is called General_ConfigTool_Chn_V1.06.0.R.120628