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  1. BKerlin

    My Birthday present.

    Man...some wifes have it easy when shopping for their hubby's B-day. My answer was: http://www.delorean.com/vin_03899/vin_03899.asp
  2. BKerlin

    Non-PTZ vs. PTZ

    Got to remember that when the PTZ is pointed at location A, location B is not covered at all. This is the advantage for multiple fixed cameras over a single PTZ.
  3. BKerlin

    Any tricks to getting a nice focus?

    A hand held spot monitor is a god send for focusing cameras. Aside from that, always try to focus the camera as best you can *before* you are up on a lift/ladder.
  4. BKerlin

    Megapixel Cameras

    Something similar has been discussed HERE
  5. The loss of redundancy alone makes mega pixel undesirable IMHO. Loss or corruption of one signal results in loss of coverage of a huge area (go go gadget laser pointer), whereas more cameras are more difficult to disrupt all at once. Falls back to ancient wisdom about eggs, a basket and an unhappy time.
  6. www [.] zorg [.] org [/] homeauto [/] pico2000 [.] php
  7. BKerlin

    Any H.264 DVR's around?

  8. BKerlin

    geniv dvr's

    If I remember right, those are from I-view Communication in Taiwan.
  9. BKerlin

    i'm new friend

    Welcome aboard.
  10. It has been my belief that the people who create the technology (Intel) are going to do it better than the others who mimic (AMD, Via, SiS, etc.). We have never made nor will we ever make a PC DVR using any platform other than Intel.
  11. BKerlin


    I love Pelco cameras...Welcome aboard.
  12. BKerlin


    Welcome aboard.
  13. Remember that even though your Cable/DSL can download up to 1.5Mbps, your DVR can only send 256Kbps. This is where your bottleneck is probably occurring. Try using H.263/MPEG4 codec and lower image quality to the lowest acceptable level. This will lower the amount of data being sent by the DVR and should speed up your operation.
  14. BKerlin

    Camera Video on 2 TVs

    You want a basic 1 channel modulator. www [dot] smarthome [dot] com [/] 7715a [dot] html
  15. BKerlin

    upside down playback...

    Perhaps they have changed a setting in their codec? I am sure an issue of this magnitude would be known and solved.