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  1. Feed the trigger into an Altronix timer board and hook the output of the timer board to hold the slider input open.
  2. Beanies, Beans, Jelly Beans? Anyone know why these are called "B-Wire" in the first place?
  3. Should I posit this question in a different forum?
  4. ^Gecko^

    what type of cameras are these?

    is that on one of those portable security rigs? Those cameras could be anything. The cams are certainly not custom built, but the enclosure they're mounted to is probably production run of a few dozen or a few hundred units by the looks, made to match the camera housings for a specific application. looks like a traditional power connector on the bottom with a switch, bet there's a power supply and dvr in that box with a cell communicator.
  5. If they all started doing this at exactly the same time then it wouldn't be the cameras or the cables. Does each camera have its own power supply or is there one power supply for them all? I would check that first, you can get voltmeters cheap from walmart or Fry's or an auto parts store( just don't trust your life to the cheep-ee's for 120v, low voltage only) You should be getting either 24 volts AC, or 12 volts DC. To see if it's the recorder itself as a problem, feed a known good video signal into it, composite (yellow plug) cable from the output of a VCR or cable box ( you will need an RCA to BNC adaptor, or cut the cable and shove the wire into the jack ) I've seen lightning and/or power surges take out whole recorders like that.
  6. Thought occurred to me as I was driving home; Can ONVIF be implemented in Arduino or Raspberry PI or something open source to give an arbitrary number of inputs/outputs?
  7. The cameras you bought have no IR filter. This explains the strange colors. Looks like one or more of the cams also has moisture in it, clogging up the view.
  8. ^Gecko^

    CCTV colour problems!

    The screenshots definitely make it look like there is no IR filter at all. Nothing can be done about this.
  9. Help me out here; why would anyone want a camera with optical zoom if they're not going to mount them on a pan/tilt base? I don't see the point of zooming in on a fixed object.
  10. The trick to Samsungs STWebviewer, you have to add the camera to trusted sites and enable downloading of signed and unsigned activeX controls. You also have to add the site to compatibility view. Get the latest version of the thing you can, install it, then use firefox to access the cameras. It doesn't seem to care which model camera you're using as long as your version of STWebviewer is newer than the one the camera expects to use.
  11. I'm usually pretty good at finding all the settings, but unless it's been disabled, I'm not finding it. Any help?
  12. I haven't tried that. The biggest problem comes when you have more than one series of the Samsung cameras, as each model will want to use a different version of the webviewer and will try to uninstall the other one.
  13. I wouldn't worry about using CAT6 cable. I haven't seen a single camera that can some close to the full bandwidth of a CAT5 cable (ie. they only light up 100mbit on the switch) I haven't been given the chance to play around with a 4K camera yet so I don't know about that, but the Arecont AV12186 still only lights up 100mbit. I've had nothing but trouble with Arecont cameras. They're a complete waste of time IMO. You can't use the web interface to reboot the camera. There's no physical reset button on the camera either (one bricked and had to be replaced)