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    ACTI vs AXIS encoders

    if i remember the Acti`s don't do mjpeg ?
  2. zmxtech

    Cameras for a Marina

    the amount of lines does not count for much its the quality of the CCD !
  3. zmxtech

    Hard Drives for DVRs

    make sure you buy a color hard drive you would not want to store in black n white......
  4. very messy setup, and the RM infrared would not match the range of the zoom lens just some constructive criticism
  5. zmxtech

    bullet pinholes low light effio PAL

    thanks for that I spent another 3 hours searching till 4 in the morning and found the same from a link here ! I have Emailed them cheers..........
  6. hi folks, Im after some low light pinhole bullet cameras [PAL version] I see there are tons of .003 lux etc but they are all NTSC Are there Effio, super HAD2 etc etc that are any good that are PAL ? Ive spent hours on Fee-bay and goo-gal, here and cant seem to find anything worthy did i mention PAL......not NTSC regards, m
  7. zmxtech

    Licence plate camera

    whats the brand ? lens ?
  8. everyone is missing the main point it called 802.11 overlapping channels nothing to do with speed or security http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11 you can only have so much wireless in an area before problems, I would never use it as a main link or even for one camera its just too easy to jam z
  9. hi folks, After not being able to find any software for PTZ control and setup for the Panasonic cams I wrote some freeware. The Beta version is free for forum folks of course. http://www.zmx.com.au/software.htm Enjoy
  10. zmxtech

    suggestions for good night time vision cameras

    brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr blowing my horn http://www.zmx.com.au/radar.htm
  11. Another way is to loop the remote end to test it end-to-end
  12. IP is they way to go for sure and Ubiquiti products are nice they also use some NON WIFI protocols that's a bonus I would also put a ANPR camera at the entry points, having lived in a condo for years you`ll need it ! There no point saying "it was the red car" ... you want to say ....and here's the Rego !
  13. NO way would I use "WIFI" ? Even with a high powered 5ghz system and directional antennas its on the same band as 121+ people. Your system can /will go down very easy. Any wireless link that's on a public band is asking for trouble Even a class1 bluetooth unit close by will kill it. [the cameras no doubt will be on the BG bands]. Sorry those quotes are a stooge by amateurs you will be plagued with problems. It needs to be done properly with Fiber/cat5/6. that said for some interconnects YOU could get away with a 5ghz WPA2/AES/hidden SSID with lots of power from high gain antennas but risky.... my 2c
  14. zmxtech

    suggestions for good night time vision cameras

    yes I was thinking of those but you would have to buy 10 or get real lucky !
  15. thats right add some IR a few 180 deg dome units on the roof will work wonders
  16. A 5MP cam with a 50mm lens looks like the cheapest deal tho useless at night unless its an IR cut version etc. Looks like a job for a motorized lens Have a poke around here : http://www.tamron.com/cctv/cctvnew.asp http://computarganz.com/product_catalog.cfm?catalog_id=1 http://www.fujinon.com/Security/ProductCategory.aspx?cat=1041
  17. zmxtech

    suggestions for good night time vision cameras

    I would a least run 2 cameras a wide angle covering the whole area and a cam on the point where he might "walk to" this will be a zoom or pin-hole there. [maybe a mobile DVR and some car batteries] As for IR for 100 foot + you will need an external unit raymax, litestorm etc [Q1] your better to get up close with some covert 950nm IR cams really By the look of your aerial photo there are many trees this can cause lots of false alarms and places to hide. At 700 foot long you could have 10 cameras and still miss the action. Better to find the choke points. or create a big clearing along it ? Q2 wireless with all those trees forget it. [unless you have some LOS [line-of-sight] Q3 cant comment but on your own property ? should be ok each state is different in the US ? to see every point and check is there if a small package has been thrown over would require a very fancy system. lots of cams If you had the $$$ a RADAR controlled zoom camera up high would do the job for sure -but all those tree's mmmmm Also you could put a seismic array along the fence to trigger an alarm. A thermal camera will pick him out real fast. just some ideas...
  18. cisco 3750 PS for the switches [POE] and/or and cisco 4500 switch with a router blade you will need 2 subnets and run GB uplinks design 2 does not make any sense ? you have switches into switches ? z
  19. Im in Australia, stolen as in running down the road with it ! there is a crimtrack database and some private companies with lists for GAS drive off`s but public no that's only for grown ups.....
  20. Im using an Arecont 1305DN and a 5-50mm lens [at 50mm] with an IR illuminator [ZMX-LS36-IR] to pic out plates day/night and up to ~60kph You will need to use their software to crank the shutter up. This also provides tons of IR for the overview and Face cameras. I was using a Axis Q1755 to do the same job but it wont switch the IR filter off in manual shutter mode and the IR focus shift was too great [oh and the auto focus is poo at night] It works so well I picked out thieves running with a stolen plate at 3 in the morning ! my 2c
  21. Your better off buying more IR as it can be dialed down, you cant dial up a lenses F or the cameras CCD tho you can change them. Most IR illuminator companies are heavy on sales light on experience with a high price tag to boot. IR is a black art and you need to match all the equipment for a good picture this comes down to lots testing/expense.You cant leave all your cameras on auto and hope for the best. IR is very over-rated but has its place, LED white lighting will win every time -if you want ID the offender or car. Scenario: back of warehouse very dark @3am in the morning the bad guys turn up in a car park in the darkness they walk up to the door and start trying to get in example 1 IR bullet/dome system -an overveiw camera [99% of all systems] You get : grainy black and white shots from a distance you can tell what happened -but cant ID anything [maybe the shape of the car] no colors Even if you have a IR camera close, it will look like zombies are attacking. Getting ID`s from IR pictures is very hard. example 2 Basic IP camera 1-3mp with a White light system and sensor to turn it on. [no! spotlights wont do their color temp is crap] You get startled offenders and nice color shot of the car and the offenders, so they run away and speed off. because of the resolution you get the plate. Even if they don't care about the light [in some cases] you still have great evidence and can show the police. Do you know how many times I pull footage from DVRs of B&W pics of creeps at night that are about 1cm in height on the screen the police just roll their eyes.... Only a few months ago I put a AXIS M1031 with built in LED white light securing a front door and baseball bat wielding thieves smashed though the door the police had smiles on their faces they knew who it was ! so don't get too enthoooooosed about IR there are better solutions. my 2c
  22. I run a Q1755 and a bunch of Arecont DN`s and they all are very good with IR [850] tho the Areconts menu is not as nice as the Axis. and I dont think the having the shutter in 'ms' makes sense ? I have had both in "ANPR mode" with fast shutters and IR, the zoom on the Q1755 gets in there but it has problems focusing at night [even with the cut filter off] you have to lock the focus. That's why I have to give it to the Arecont the fixed DN IR lenses will win every time -on the Q1755 it has enough focus shift to make it worthless unless you lock it in an leave it. so color during the day nope... ah very frustrating. tho there is a new cam the 1344 that should fix that. be grabbing one soon. Sorry not a fan of R@#MaX -expensive,very average, high postage costs [like $200 !] gimme IR litestorm any day....
  23. hello. I have been trying to fine tune a bunch of AVXXXDN cameras via the web interface -it's clunky but ok. I have huge amounts Of IR and a bunch of spotlights that are super bright. no matter the settings on all of them it they just wont capture in DN mode a good image always motion blur -with the Axis Q1755 its easy and works well. its like it will do 1/30 but not 1/50 just out of range of a good capture.... I have used DN MP lens's on all and a bunch of others to baseline them. I did notice they don't have very good BL function -the Axis Kills it. any idea's before they hit Ebay !
  24. zmxtech

    System Design for Counseling Observation

    An Axis M1031 with a pin hole lens should do the job. might want to give the White LED a miss tho