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  1. We are currently in need of subcontractor licensed/insured/bonded CCTV installer in the Houston area and DFW area. We have the ability to keep you quite busy with work. Majority of our work is PC based DVRs. Please contact me @ andrew@securityconceptsonline.com. Installer needed for 3 jobs this upcoming week. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hi All, I have been working with a Real Estate builder who now wants me to buy/or build a mobile DVR that can be set up on a construction site. We do not have hardwired internet available and the client does wnat to view remotly. Can anyone suggest an affordable all-in-one solution, or provide info on how to build your own... Also, what suggestions do you have for setting up remote capabilities (no internet at site)... thanks.
  3. Good evening. I have a 6 channel analog DVR installation coming up. 4 cameras will be installed/hardwired to the dvr. My issue is that I have to install (2) cameras 0.3 miles away from the DVR. I have no way of running this over baluns, and have to use a wireless device. Can someone suggest a solution for streaming (2) cameras wirelessly to the DVR. I was planning on installing analog cameras (license plate cameras) at the far site... Thanks for all of the help.
  4. In need of insured/bonded CCTV installer in the Houston area. Have consistant work in the area. We are installing Aventura PC based DVR's and have started using IP cameras as well. Please contact andrew @ andrew@securityconceptsonline.com Thanks.
  5. For anyone that has used Aventura's PC based DVR's, have you had any problems with the DVR locking up or slowing down when trying to review playback footage. I recently did an install, and the playback locks the system up, or locks up the system for 15 seconds before allowing me to take control again????
  6. Hi guys, I have a baseball stadium in texas, where the manager wants to install an IP camera above home plate so that he can view practives while on the road. Can anyone suggest a good PTZ that can stream quality video at 30 fps... Have looked at panasonic, but could use any other suggestions.
  7. We have an 8 channel installation in Richmond Va, Aventura PC Based unit with 8 outdoor box cameras with housing. We are in need of an installer with current license from Virginia Department of criminal Justice. Please contact Andrew @ andrew@securityconceptsonline.com if interested...
  8. Good Evening all. If anyone is in need of licensed, bonded and insured installers, please contact Andrew @ andrew@securityconceptsonline.com. We do all types of installations from Virginia to Conneticut.....
  9. Hi All, I am currently working with a client who owns a company in NJ and has an office in MD.... The owner wants to set up a vidoe conferencing suite, so that he can conference with his employees in the MD office... Need one cam/mic at his home and a cam/mic/LCD display at the office.... I do enough CCTV jobs, but have not done a video conferenceing job yet... Any suggestions... We were thinking of setting up PTZ panasonic IP cams at each location, but I would like to integrate audio over as well without echo and delays.... Any suggestions would be appreciated.... Oh also, the owner would like to keep the overal cost down, so Cisco is out........ thanks.
  10. We have 2 (4) channel PC based AVENTURA DVR's as well as 2 ( channel AVENTURA DVR's. All DVR's come with flat panel DELL monitor... Will sell for our cost... thanks. Andrew andrew@securityconceptsonline.com
  11. PM me, i have some ideas
  12. Afternoon, Have a few jobs lined up in the Denver area... Are there any licenced installers in Denver who are interested in subcontracting for these jobs???? thanks.
  13. drewliebs

    John from Denver

    Hi John, My name is Andrew Lieberman, and I am the president of L&L Security concepts.... I have a new sales rep in the Denver area, and am looking for a licensed ionstaller.... Is there anyone that you can recommend.... Who do you guys use??? Thanks so much. Andrew
  14. drewliebs

    Home System – 2 External, 8 Internal - $13,000???

    Where is it that you live... We have offices in New York, Maryland and Dallas TX... We have high end Aventura DVR's and can get a system in for considerably less than that.... Please let me know Andrew L andrew@securityconceptsonline.com www.securityconceptsonline.com
  15. Yes, We have been dealing with Aventura for the past four months. We build and sell the DVR's as well as use them for our installs. the recording quality is great, and all in all is a good, stable DVR... As for customer support, it has been 50/50, as sometimes you get a good person, sometimes not. The only problem that we have had is that they continue to develop new patchs for problems with their software, but will not release a new version of the software with all of the fixes.... contact me with any other questions. Andrew andrew @securityconceptsonline.com