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  1. danielolima

    System with 12 camera

    Guys, Good night, Unfortunately my mother's house was robbed to a 2 week and she was with a gun to his head and is terrified and I wanted to help her feel a bit safer. I am looking to motar one system with 12 cameras in 1st Floor house and wanted the recommendations of you. Basically are: - 2 for the front of the house (EXTERNAL); - 2 to the yard behind the house (EXTERNAL); - 2 to terrace on the 1st floor (EXTERNAL); - 2 for Garage (INTERNAL); - 4 Internal ('m still deciding where to place); Cameras which I buy for External part for a range of up to 15m with infrared? I'm talking about 15 meters because in fact will be roughly the distance you want to monitor in front of my home but if the camera does not catch more problems. It need not be anything FULL HD but an HD camera to give to identify faces. Internal Cameras like I can be a maximum in the range of 10 meters would be enough for me. If anyone can send me the MODEL DVR and types of Camera (number of lines, frames, etc ...) I would appreciate it too. Running here in the forum many speak of buying brands but there are millions of things to be taken into consideration and each time I go reading will become more doubtful Another question would be whether it is possible for cameras to record only when you are moving or they necessarily have to be recording all the time? I know it's a lot but my heartfelt thanks to help me.
  2. I'm trying to post a topic on CCTV to my house but does not enable any place so I can create the topic. I need to wait some time to create the topic or do something I do not know about?