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  1. My05stang

    how can i get long range wireless video

    Oh shoot I was looking in the top specifications under transmitter and it said 1000 to 2000m. Which i knew was a over-exaggeration by a bunch but was hoping i might get 2-300m. Once I got down to the description down there I see where you saw 80m. Maybe I will get it anyway and give it a shot what do I have to lose.
  2. Hello, I have a issue that is a bit over my head. I work for a company that has recently bought a piece of equipment to move our rail cars around with in our yard. We are looking for a way to have a camera mounted on the rail tower and a monitor mounted in the cab of the Track mobile so the operator can see when the rail car access hatch is lined up with the rail tower ramp. The distance between the tower and the Track mobile could be any where from 60 to 600 ft which is pushing approximately 10 rail cars. There is a wireless network at the office building with a cctv system but that is about another 300ft away from the tower. So to the track mobile that pushes the distance to 900ft I should all so say that it 100% line of sight no obstructions I was looking at Ubiquiti antennas to increase our wireless distance but that got a bit more technical then i feel it needs to be as we dont really need this tired to our NVR. I was just looking at the option more in line so a person could use a phone or tablet to view the camera rather than mounting a monitor in the track mobile. I then found this unit on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Hikity-Updated-Wireless-Transmitter-Receiver/dp/B073Y1LKZG/ref=pd_cp_421_1 It seems like it would do what i want it to. I would just need to build a weatherproof enclose to put the transmitter and power supply in and possibly find remote antennas. The cab on the track mobile is all metal and I'm sure the single would get out much better with a remote mount roof antenna. So am I at lest on the right track??? Does anyone having experience with wireless stuff have a better suggestion or words of encouragement and guidance. thanks in advance for the help.
  3. My05stang

    Hd tvi ptz

    Hello, I have an alibi hdtvi PTZ camera that has been working fairly well until recently. Over the last 6 months I started getting tears and complete video loss randomly. Sometimes days will pass with no issue other times I will loos video for a few minutes sometimes for several hours or days. During the video outage today I decided to do some troubleshooting. The CVBS lead at the camera has video as well as the HDtvi lead. I found out when the DVR shows a video loss for the camera if I go out and I unhook the cameras TVI lead then hook up the CVBS the signal makes it back to the DVR. I am extremely new to CCTV systems and I'm learning as I go. Recently I started reading about ground loops. Is it possible to have a ground Loop that knocks out the hdtvi signal. Any suggestions would be helpful thank you very much in advance
  4. My05stang

    Is it out of date and worth fixing?

    Wow now I feel I may have over spent on the 8 camera system I got for $3500 lol. I think that My boss is going to laugh me out of his office if i propose a $1300 system to replace the current $25,000+ system.... Like I said the company that was doing our cameras was taking us for a ride.... Shoot the system he put at my facility 6 years ago was a 4 camera setup with a clunky Samsung DVR was over $5000 installed. Anyway you guys have peaked my interest in these cheaper setups. I was looking at this NVR ALI-NVR5016P. Its the one I have installed at my facility only this is the 16CH and mine is the 8CH. The cameras I am using are ALI-IPU3030RV. All my stuff is outdoor and covering a large area thats why I went a more expensive camera. With the gas station project there are going to be 6 Interior cameras and 8 cameras out on the gas pumps. Currently one camera looks over each island and one camera is set zoomed in to get plate numbers. I am thinking with the better resolution I could eliminate 3-4 cameras as the cameras that overlook the islands might have the resolution to grab plates. I am not opposed to pulling Ethernet as it is what I have installed and feel a bit more confident with but the cameras in the islands are a bit intimidating with having to get 8 cables out there and each one being 250 feet. I am not opposed to going with a different companies NVR. The main reason I was going to go with the alibi NVR was to keep thing simplified as all the locations I do would run the same setup. That being said if this stuff is over priced for what features they have then by all means let me know and I will look at the cheaper stuff. I have already told the boss lady the system would probably be in the $5-6K range and she was over the moon happy it wasnt $25K but If I can get the same quality for under $2,000 maybe i will get a big pat on the back and lunch!! thanks again michael
  5. Hello, this is my first post and I think this is the best spot to put it but if not please feel free to move it admin So here is what I'm up against. I work for a company that has a gas station with a 12-15 year old Pelco DX8116-500. Recently it wont stay on, I have to unplug the unit from the wall and plug it back in to get it to start then to get the monitor to come up I have to unplug it from the unit and plug it back in. Some times it runs for days other times just an hour. I think its probably the power supply but with the monitor thing, it could be the video card possibly. My question is , is it worth it to fix this thing. I think our Security company that installed it went pretty overkill for the system and It was not cheap. I have already had 2 HDD fail on it in the last 3 years so now its got a 2T HDD Next Question, The manager of the gas station recently was at my facility where I just installed a new Alibi Camera system and was amazed at the price and the picture quality. She was wondering if we do keep the pelco System what is the possibility for upgrading cameras. Currently they are all Coaxial cables. I was looking at a cameras on the website where I got my system. They have a 2.1 megapixel HD-TVI camera that is has the BNC connection but am not sure if it is compatible with the system. How do I know.? Unsure about forum rules so did not post a like to the camera in question but I can if need be and its ok to do so. Im not super wise to this stuff so any help is appreciated. I know just enough to hurt myself. I found out sometimes its better to just got to work and look pretty rather then go for extra credit. After I installed my cameras myself and saved the company thousand and thousands over what the other guy was charging I started getting calls from other location..... maybe in need to invoice them Thanks for your time everyone, looking forward to hearing from you all Michael