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Hello, I have an alibi hdtvi PTZ camera that has been working fairly well until recently. Over the last 6 months I started getting tears and complete video loss randomly. Sometimes days will pass with no issue other times I will loos video for a few minutes sometimes for several hours or days.


During the video outage today I decided to do some troubleshooting. The CVBS lead at the camera has video as well as the HDtvi lead. I found out when the DVR shows a video loss for the camera if I go out and I unhook the cameras TVI lead then hook up the CVBS the signal makes it back to the DVR.


I am extremely new to CCTV systems and I'm learning as I go. Recently I started reading about ground loops. Is it possible to have a ground Loop that knocks out the hdtvi signal.


Any suggestions would be helpful thank you very much in advance

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