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  1. Hello everyone,anyone uses camera with Sony Effio-e solution?How you feel about its quality?Compared with Hitachi DSP solution,which is better on image effect? If any testing images will be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you could supply more details of the cameras and lens you need,such as working area,working condition,what these items you use for,etc.believe you can get the best answer.
  3. Factly speaking,now most of the cctv lens made in China are made with glass lens and metal mechanisms,not plastic one.At the least we don't.
  4. Sony Super HDD CCD 420TVL,49IR leds with zoom lens 3.5-8mm,you can see out more than 120 ft at night. If possible,480TVL much better.
  5. Hello everyone. Do you use camera lens from China?If so,what do you think about their quality? Generally speaking,which types of camera lens you would use? Thank in advance for any reply. Rian
  6. Hello everyone,glad to be member here.We are manufacturer of cctv lenses,like to make friends with all of knowledgeable people Regards,Rian