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  1. Hey guys, I have a TV in my car which I use for camping a lot (movies etc). I'm looking at putting a camera on top of the car that I can pan/tilt and has good IR. It will not be used during the day or while driving. May be what I should be asking for, rather than a IR camera, is a low light camera (or both). I want to be able to see the stars moons etc. and also the closer-by surrounds. I'm not sure if there is such a thing. May be I need two separate cameras. One a close IR pan/tilt and one a fixed straight low light camera that points upwards. I don't need to be able to store the data. Just watch live while in bed, because we have no sunroof anymore. Also I have both 240V and 12V. The TV has HDMI and Comp{BNC}. No sound is needed. Does anyone have any recommendations for either? I hope I covered all the questions.
  2. Thanks guys. I will try them out. How about any tips of quality to get number plate information?
  3. Hi There, We have had a few incidents out the front of our property and being able to record licence plates would have been very helpful at the time but we only had a low quality 4 channel camera setup recording to a dvr. Since then we have purchased a single 1080P IP Camera (Doss Security IN30IPB - doss.com.au/in30ipb-full-hd-ip-camera-with-30m-ir/) to try and record car number plates. This camera records directly to a personal computer using the 'average' IP camera software that it came with (simply called "Network Video Monitor Software V2.0.0.7"). So far it has been doing a pretty good job during the day and night (considering it is a fairly poor position). As I have very limited knowledge of CCTV cameras I have only played around with the shutter speed and now have it on 1/1000 for recording number plates at night. Currently it only records approximately 70% of number plates with the other 30% being too blurry I am assuming because of the speed of the cars. I have attached some screenshots of the software and camera options that can be modified. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on how to improve the quality to record more licence plates (without re-positioning the camera). The only use for this camera is to record number plates and am willing to sacrifice frame rate etc as long as number plates are recorded as there are other cameras to record what happens. Will possibly changing the I-Frame interval, IR Brightness, etc etc help at all? Also, can someone recommend good IP Camera software (ONVIF compatible)? Thanks in advance for any help! Munnaz