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Recommend?? IR/Low Light Pan-Tilt Night Car Cam..12V/240V?

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Hey guys,

I have a TV in my car which I use for camping a lot (movies etc). I'm looking at putting a camera on top of the car that I can pan/tilt and has good IR. It will not be used during the day or while driving. May be what I should be asking for, rather than a IR camera, is a low light camera (or both). I want to be able to see the stars moons etc. and also the closer-by surrounds. I'm not sure if there is such a thing. May be I need two separate cameras. One a close IR pan/tilt and one a fixed straight low light camera that points upwards. I don't need to be able to store the data. Just watch live while in bed, because we have no sunroof anymore. Also I have both 240V and 12V. The TV has HDMI and Comp{BNC}. No sound is needed. Does anyone have any recommendations for either? I hope I covered all the questions.

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