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  1. abigailhamilton

    32 camera DVR

    Airship Industries' HD Series records real-time at 4CIF on all 32 channels. The domain is airshipdvr
  2. abigailhamilton

    OEM Software

    In answer to your question about where to find software you can customize with your logo: JDL makes CORE software which is made to be customized with your logo — you can look at at screenshots, read about the features, and even take a self-driven demo by Googling JDL Core Software. Call 1-866-467-8088 for pricing.
  3. abigailhamilton

    32 camera DVR

    Airship SD Series (airshipdvr dot com) The Airship SD Series is optimized for small to mid-sized installations. Using identical software and video encoder hardware as the HD, the Airship SD Series offers the same excellent quality H.264 recordings at a very a competitive price. * H.264 video compression for the highest quality at the smallest storage size * Records up to 32 cameras of CIF at 30 fps per channel * Records up to 16 cameras of 4CIFat 30 fps per channel * Up to 3 TB of dedicated recording storage * All in a rack mountable chassis designed for easy installation and setup The Airship SD Series comes with the easy-to-use and configure Airship Software that drives all of our solutions—at Airship, "more powerful" doesn't mean "more difficult." Airship Server can be used stand-alone or with the Airship Client, a feature rich package that provides remote live view, playback, full server configuration settings, and a host of other user-friendly features. OPTIONS Channels: 16 or 32 CIF Configurable for 8 or 16 4CIF Storage, Terabytes: 1, 2, and 3 TB
  4. abigailhamilton

    24 channels

    Try Airship Industries: www.airshipdvr.com
  5. abigailhamilton

    Best recorded quality DVR card

    Hikvision H.264 cards are the best for quality and performance. Get them at [Edited:CR - Removed link to vendor site]