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  1. odVejO

    Looking for Avigilon ACC6 core software

    mail sent. Thx.
  2. odVejO

    Looking for Avigilon ACC6 core software

    California, USA. Ive had some trouble pinging you via personal messages for some reason. Admins were looking at it earlier today.
  3. odVejO

    3G/4G routers

    that's a good point, it is true I have CGNAT in place on my connections however what I do is setup a VPN from to a small VPS which provides a tunnel back in over the CGNAT connection.
  4. I found this forum when trying to find pricing for Avigilons software, I can't msg @ak357 because I'm primarily a lurker so hopefully he or another dealer sees this ask. Im Interested in a ACC6 core license please.
  5. odVejO

    3G/4G routers

    I use Cradlepoint 850's and Sierra Wireless ES450's with good results on unlimited 4G LTE plans through T-mobile.
  6. odVejO

    HACKED appears on all my Cameras

    you should consider configuring your router to block any access for your cameras to/from the internet.
  7. odVejO


    popping in to learn about NVR software options....