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  1. I have heard that it is impossible to avoid condensation in burried pipes. I was told to "live with it" and install direct burriel cable. Then I guess it wouldn't matter if the pipes were full of water. A dainage pit will only work if the water table is always below the level of the pipe. Not the case is my situation. Here, the ground water is usually higher than the pipe during and after the rainy season. I'm having no problem finding direct burriel co-ax, just need to find a direct burial CAT5E to go in the ground with it.
  2. Cooperman, In part of that run I will be adding a couple Cat5E cables for networking and another RG6 coax. for TV. What now? Thanks
  3. Installing a camera about 350 - 400 feet away. The cable will be pulled through underground conduit. This conduit always gets moisture inside. Could eventually have the possibility of having standing water in the conduit. Do I need to use a direct burial rg cable becuase of the moisture in the conduit? For this length of run should I use rg6 instead of rg59? What about quad shield?
  4. Sorry for all the questions folks, hopefully I'll be able to contribute at some point. I would like to place a camera viewing an automatic entry gate on a driveway. It does not necessarily have to read license plates, but I do want a very good image of the cars coming and going. The camera will be mounted approx 35' above ground looking down at an angle and almost straight on at the cars entering about 65' away when they are stopped at the gate. The diagonal distance from the camera to the car is approx 75'. The range I would like to have a decent picture is between 50' and 100', the 75' distance being the most important. Since the camera is viewing straight on, the view does not have to be a wide angle, maybe only 20-25' @ the 75' distance. I would like a color day/night weatherproof camera but I don't want it to have IR illuminators on the camera (I want the camera unnoticeable, and I know it would take a powerful IR to reach that far. The automatic entry gate is capable of putting out ac and dc when and while the gate is activated. Could I not place an IR light closer to the gate separately, that would more easily illuminate the cars when and only for the time the gate is opened and closed? If I can, then I would obviously want this camera to be able to see IR. If I went with this approach, the IR illuminator would be off to the front side of the vehicles, as close as 10 feet away, and as far as 35 feet away as the car enters and exits. I have used the Speco CVC7706 DNV in another location, and I like it's performance, but as I said, I don't want the IRs on this camera. Looking for some options on the best cameras, IR illuminators, and set-up for this situation (high quality yet moderately priced like the Speco I mentioned above). Any suggestions? As always, thanks to everyone for their help! Bruno
  5. Of the IR cameras I have seen, the illuminators are visible at night as they glow red. Today I saw a camera advertised, and it claims it's IR illuminators are not visible like the others (no glowing red). Is this a hoax or does this technology exist? If it does exist, why don't all the IR cameras use these?
  6. bruno

    connecting dvr to pc

    I believe the provider is offering me the static IP at no additional charge. Another question: Most of my computers I will be networking together through this router are spread through-out the home where I have Cat 5 installed. One of my computers is in a seperate studio about 180'-200' away from the router. I have a coduit barried in the ground. What would the ideal wire be for running this far? Is Cat 5 OK, or should I use something else? Cost is not a problem. Thanks
  7. bruno

    connecting dvr to pc

    Rory, My DVR has an assigned IP address, gateway# and sub... I have the option to change it or leave it. You mentioned settiing up with certain IP numbers or should I leave the ones assigned? What is preferred? I spoke to the high speed internet company and they told me they usually give dynamic IP's but if I wanted they would give me a static. The Broadband service I will be receiving is not dsl, cable, ar sat., It is a wireless high-speed broadband. I will be installing a router because I would like to have access to this high speed from five different computers through-out the home. I allready ran Cat 5 to every room in the house (this is a home under construction and the walls are stll open, so I can do whatever I need). Thomas and others, What specific router do you recommend I buy for my situation. I don't mind spending the money on quality equipment. I was told I can get a static IP but I dont think they offer multiple static IPs. Sorry I'm such an illiterate. I appreciate all your help.
  8. bruno

    connecting dvr to pc

    DVR-Expert, For now I am just playing with it and only have the DVR hooked directly to the PC with a Cat 5E Crossover Cable. I just want to see how it works with my one PC. I can't even figure this out! Then I would like to make it work with all my PC's, and even be able to access the DVR from a remote location. I will soon be getting high speed internet access with a static IP address if I want it. Do I? Any ideas how to get started? Thank you I'll join you for that beer or 6. Off to the reefrigerator!
  9. I have a Panasonic WJ-HD500B. It has the network card installed. I also have my Dell PC with Windows XP Home. I believe I'm supposed to be able to access my DVR through the PC but the operating instructions are so vague, especially for a pc illiterate like me. I connected the two through the Ethernet connection. Now what do I do? I guess I was hoping it would be plug & play but obviously I have to do more. What do I need to do to make this work? I'm reading about network set-up, IP addresses, DHCP... I am clueless! Thanks
  10. bruno

    Speco cameras

    Rory What do you think about the Speco CVC-637 EX? You mentioned some cameras possibly going bad from power surges. Is there a way to prevent this? Would a power surge protector in front of my power supply do the job? Thanks
  11. bruno

    Speco cameras

    I'm about to purchase some more cameras. Looking at Speco. Any opinions on Speco cameras? I'm looking at various bullet types. Some for indoors and some for out. Thank you Bruno
  12. I have a DVR and the cameras. What do I need for a monitor? Will a television work? Or do I need a cctv monitor specifically? Thank you
  13. bruno

    Kalatel on Ebay

    I have seen many Kalatel DVMRE's for sale on ebay. Some say they are new, some say factory refurbished, some used. There seems to be the same 3-4 people who have been selling them for a while now so I'm not worried about getting ripped off out-right, just not sure about if I'm going to run into anty problems buying one from them (reliabilty of unit, warranty...). They are by far selling for the best prices I have found. Anyone advise for or against this avenue? Thanks
  14. Ready to purchase a DVR and need a little help deciding which one to get. I have narrowed my options down to two. This is for a 16 camera residential system. Kalatel DVMRE CT or the Panasonic WJ-HD500B. Instead of just saying one is the best, could someone possibly offer pros & cons for both. Thank you, Bruno