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  1. @wymangr No I haven't. I sorta gave up. I'm in the process of moving into a new house, and I'm going to be setting this up again in the next week or two there. As a result, I foresee a renewed interest in hacking this coming up on the horizon lol.
  2. panic916

    adding wifi

    Ahh yes, my bad...
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    adding wifi

    I assume you probably have found an answer by now, but I stumbled across your old post while looking for some Zosi DVR related stuff on here just now. One option is to buy a device similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Vonets-VAP11G-300-Wireless-Multi-Functional-Amplifier/dp/B014SK2H6W (note, I've not used this and can't vouch for it's ability to work well) Another (probably better) option would be to grab an old wireless router from Goodwill (or if you got a box o' old tech junk laying around) and throw DD-WRT or Tomato firmware on it and set it up to be a wireless repeater. It would connect to your main AP and provide network access to anything plugged into it.
  4. I have a Zosi ZR08ZM10 DVR that I got from Amazon cheap for black friday. I was hoping to replace my previous cheap Floureon DVR but I have an issue I'm trying to resolve. Both the Zosi and Floureon seem to be running that same software that it seems all cheap Chinese DVRs run, but the Zosi is much faster and less buggy (and clearly a newer version). The Zosi, however, will not provide any standard video streaming mechanisms (RTSP, MJPG/HTTP, etc) despite there being port settings in the configuration. Zosi support has confirmed that this model doesn't support that. A port scan of the entire TCP range, returns ZERO open ports! Yet they have a Windows app that does offer streaming video. But this won't work for me since I would like to use various clients directly, including GStreamer and VLC. So my thoughts (hopes) are this: Possibly the unit has a firewall in place but the firmware actually does support RTSP / HTTP (like my Floureon one did)? Perhaps I can gain root on the unit via a serial cable? [*]The stream to my PC via their proprietary software is using UDP and may have some non-standard handshake, but I would be surprised if the final stream wasn't a standard one (not sure how I could tap into that) I've downloaded their Windows app (called AVSS) Aand began dissecting it to see how the stream is established (via Windows Message Analyzer, Wireshark, disassembling / debugging it with x64dbg, and strings.exe). It seems to be using some "p2p" libraries to communicate via UDP. It's hitting several external servers, to do so. I have a feeling that once the connection has been established, it may be a standard stream and perhaps I could tap into it. The libraries include these files: AVAPIs.dll IOTCAPIs.dll P2PTunnelAPIs.dll IPs it's hitting include: The mainboard seems to have this printed on it (which i haven't found any datasheet for): TP2833C_DHI3520DV300_081E (tl;dr;) So my questions are: Does anyone have experience hacking and getting into one of these Zosi ZR08ZM10 units? Has anyone played with this p2p API (the DLLs and whatnot)? Does anyone know if this mainboard has a terminal which is accessible via serial connection? Thanks! - photos below
  5. I realize this is 8 years old, but did you ever find the answer to your question? Even if you did, what are the chances you remember? Looking for the same thing...
  6. Hello, Can anyone make a recommendation for a DVR Card that will work very well with Linux (Video4Linux or other methods [if there are any])? I'm experienced with Linux, but a beginner in terms of DVR hardware and V4L. Ideally the card would support the following: Works great with Linux 4channels or more Preferably less than $150 (could probably go up to $200) I'll be setting this up as a hobby and home-security system. I currently have some BT878 EyeMax card but it seems like crap and I've spent far too many hours trying to get it to work with V4L with no luck at all and there's virtually no information on the interwebz about it. Thanks!
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    Eyemax DVB-9420

    Hi staisman, did you ever have any luck? I'm fighting a similar situation.
  8. Hello, I have a SDVR004 that I'm trying to setup but I don't seem to have the remote control for it anymore. All I really want to do is be able to program a universal remote control and use that as a replacement. I've spent hours, maybe days, searching and talking to support folks for various resellers of the SDVR004 and nobody seems to be able to help me. I'm also curious what the telnet server running on these units are all about. Clearly they seem to be Linux or BSD based, but I don't think the telnet access is meant for the end-user. Since there doesnt' seem to be any real support for the product, I'm not really sure what it's there for at all, but if I could get to a root shell I'm sure I could figure something out... Does anyone know how to get into it? I've tried some brute force / wordlist attacks but it's pretty slow so I'm not expecting much there. Variants of the SDVR004 (that seem to have the same remote control) are the SDVR001, SDVR002, HDVR004, HDVR8045, HDVR8085, MDR5015, MDR5045. If anyone has those units and feels like recording and sharing the codes, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks