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IR codes or telnet for SDVR004 (or variants)

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Hello, I have a SDVR004 that I'm trying to setup but I don't seem to have the remote control for it anymore.


All I really want to do is be able to program a universal remote control and use that as a replacement. I've spent hours, maybe days, searching and talking to support folks for various resellers of the SDVR004 and nobody seems to be able to help me.


I'm also curious what the telnet server running on these units are all about. Clearly they seem to be Linux or BSD based, but I don't think the telnet access is meant for the end-user. Since there doesnt' seem to be any real support for the product, I'm not really sure what it's there for at all, but if I could get to a root shell I'm sure I could figure something out... Does anyone know how to get into it? I've tried some brute force / wordlist attacks but it's pretty slow so I'm not expecting much there.


Variants of the SDVR004 (that seem to have the same remote control) are the SDVR001, SDVR002, HDVR004, HDVR8045, HDVR8085, MDR5015, MDR5045. If anyone has those units and feels like recording and sharing the codes, I would greatly appreciate it!



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