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    First, I am in no way connected to ICRealtime and I am an small biz owner/installer. My intention is to inform, not sell. I purchased and installed a 8 channel in a chain. using 4 camera's right now, camera's were installed by another Company and the Owner did not like the DVR or the poor service. Here are my comments; - DVR pre-setup was easy and worked first time. - installed network LAN/WAN, went as usual, no problems. only the port 9080 or 90xx for the port assignment was a bit different but it worked. I am used to straight forward port assignments. - viewing via Client and Internet (WAN) was damn good. Frame video flow was also very impressive. DVR can be "throttled" to handle slower connection speed issues. - GUI was fine, everything worked. - support provided by Matt and Lee was above and beyond that of normal biz practices today. I have found only one other Manufacture (Video Insight) who has master this "code". - playback is crisp and clean. could not tell the difference between the live or playback. - when using the Client mode you have to login with your password for each camera you wish to view. This does become annoying but after your set-up you only have to do this when you first open it. I am hoping that ICReal time improves so that when you login you can open camera's without all that extra stuff. The Internet Browser works much better in that once you login you do not have to login in again for each camera, you just click'n pick. Client should be the same if possible. I have only had this a few days so there maybe a way to get around this in the Client or via a software upgrade? - Audio? Customer wants audio added next week.........will let you know how that works out. Overall this DVR impressed both myself and more importantly it impressed the customer. I have yet to try the video editing/transfering methods and will comment on that later. - I won't release the IP so don't ask. Client does not want it given out. Feel free to ask questions.............................
  2. Does anybody know if the Arecont AV20365DN (4 lense 20 mp) camera will work with the Dahua NVR? I can connect the NVR to lens #1 but cannot figure out how to connect to the other 3. thanks inadvance.........
  3. VST_Man

    Outdoor PTZ camera to watch back yard

    depends on the install location and geo area. ie. in Alaska or in Arizona. If in a Mall that has temp control............not needed. And like anything else, the more parts it has the more parts that can fail. I have one running going on 3 years and the fan just started to sound tired so I got a new one from them for free. (I am a Dealer and capable of repairing)
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    Outdoor PTZ camera to watch back yard

    when it's cold it heats it and when it is hot it cools it.
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    Outdoor PTZ camera to watch back yard

    no ir, no heater blower, no wall mount. It is a 2mp BUT you'll have 20x on the 1.3mp to make up the difference.
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    Outdoor PTZ camera to watch back yard

    http://www.securitycameraking.com/1.3-megapixel-20x-ip-60041-prd1.html using these up here in Idaho for over 2 years with no issues. Great pics, IR works out beyond 200ft.
  7. pla would be a inexpensive quick way to test your theory. But, a network is as strong as it's weakest link and I'd check your router and NVR first...........starting with the NVR. It should be able to tell you how much resources it is using. If it is running HIGH as a constant then you have to tweak that to get better performance. Most novice installers run cams at at 30fps or HIGHEST settings and if you have 6 cams on a Costco system running that high the impact to the NVR is seen in poor network performance. I'd unplug all cams except 1 and recheck. If the performance improves........duh. Router can also be a choke point. Depending on the model you might get performance status from it? You can eliminate the router and retest via setting static IP's on PC & NVR and connecting direct to NVR. Again, if performance changes, duh. Then you have the PC performances.........you can monitor them via your pc and then use another pc to verify. If all of the above checks out GOOD then you have a cable issue......or wireless issue. Most novice installers plug in a router and go. Unknown to them all routers are set to a wireless channel of 6. So, if you live in a small tight community or apart complex and everyone did that you'd all be on the same channel 6 and, duh. I use the pla's and they work fine..............I don't LIKE them and only use them when drilling and wireless options don't work.
  8. I liked the one post I read where they used a wireless pt-pt connection via mounting a radio at the top of the shaft and one on the top of the elevator. Seemed to be a good approach that saved $$$ on labor and special wiring. Since it is only a ip camera I'd go with Ubiquiti radio's. ie: NSM5's
  9. VST_Man

    $40k+ for a camera system?

    You should call and meet with Alex (AK357). Exacq is a high priced box that has some proprietary software & hardware issues which add up to more money spent. You would do better to go with Video Insight or Avigilon. Video Insight has a few Programs out now that allow for you to keep current analog's and over time convert them to IP as needed. They also have a cool Access Control integration that is used in over 5000 schools. Yes, I am a Dealer and I can help you but I am in Idaho and won't go any further North Also, they now sell Advidia IP cams with the license and a 3 year warranty. Cams are clean and provide the best pic I've seen from cams to date........dollar for dollar.
  10. I just had a AV20365 "reset" to a AV20185 after a power outage. Yes I had a surge & batt on it but power was out for 24 hrs plus. Seems that Arecont put 365 firmware on top of the 185 firmware? I've tried to reflash but it won't take. Here is the odd part; 365 has (4) lenses that cover 360 degree's. (2) lenses show the pic upside right and the other (2) lenses are now upside down. http load to a AV20185 Panoramic pic that works perfectly except.....AV100 shows a AV20185 with a completely different mac than the original one as shipped . The Mac on it now belongs to a single lens Arecont 5155 sold out of another supplier on the East Coast. I'll see what Arecont can do. Camera is only 6 months old. Has anyone ever seen a camera change to another model like this? My guess is the camera got reset to "root" when the power went off.
  11. I'd use a Ubiquiti radio's in a point to point. Eliminate all the bs with cabling problems. Or, use CAT5 and IP cams
  12. as a installer I'd suggest you ask your installer to show you how to do it and then do it.
  13. I'd try a BNC ground loop isolator on the DVR side.
  14. you are asking a lot from a megapixel IP cam and 32GB. Only option is to adjust and mask until you get that 7 days. You could get away from video and do snapshots to the 32gb which might work better for you? And, you can always add a wireless link to that location and create a FTP at another location? Or, install a small NAS at the location? Never is not a word we use in IP land
  15. VST_Man

    PTZ's stopped moving

    work one at a time. check all 3 without any other connections. Eliminate the problem by finding the good.
  16. VST_Man

    Help on advice for height of cctv cams

    you mount the camera high/low enough to capture the target and max. the detail needed. "If" the contractor wants pics of hats..........have him put it in writing. I'd NEVER allow a contractor to tell me where cams should be mounted, especially if the locations and targets are discussed on BEFORE the install starts. I am NOT worried about damage or vandalism since the cams are vandal proof and are installed at that height for a good reason. There is NO bad height as long as your requirement is met. ps. most bad installs are due to pure lazyness!
  17. Need a pair of them for testing purposes. Thanks
  18. VST_Man

    Wanted: M900 Yagi & M900 Rocket

    Yep, but up here they work very good thru the tree's for simple connections. But I always tell all that they are good but have issues with moisture.......frozen our otherwise.
  19. VST_Man

    (2) NV6480e Cards

    for sale, used..........great condition.
  20. fyi.....IR does NOT "overcome" head light & tail light. IR is in a different wavelength and lense, shutter, cut filter all play a part in ignoring the tail & head lights. IR reflects off objects and when you get the "ignor" settings right the IR shines thru..........revealing a nice license plate number. other than that.............nice LPR post. IMHO the next generation LPR cams is going to evolve from IP megapixel analytic cams/software providing real time information collection BEYOND basic LPR.
  21. take a look at Video Insight's IP software and Advidia camera's. Cams have a 3-year warranty and IP software is included with the cams. Considering the class of software and support.........it's a bargain
  22. I need some hardware to mount cams on a supporting metal columns inside of a Dept. Store. and also a way to hang camera down from the steel beams inside. Basically it looks like the inside of a HomeDepot. Open 18ft. ceilings. If hung from the beams I'll need them lowered via hardware to about 10ft. Columns are fairly straight forward. I know I can use beam clamps, emt, and metal boxes for the beam mount hardware but I'd like to know if anyone out there has a better idea that is cheaper or more efficient. Columns? I need a simple c-clamp kit that would provide a 3x4 flat surface for the dome to be mounted onto. I like the c-clamps since they are fast and easy. Finding the plate with c-clamps is pretty easy but the pricing I'm seeing is slightly high. ie. plate & 2 clamps $50 on up. I might make my own? thanks inadvance..........
  23. VST_Man

    Camera Mounting Hardware

    alas there is no source of supply for these. I tried to contact both as posted but neither have a clue on how to get it, oder it, or find it. Unless you have a serious connection for me to contact I won't waste any more of my time chasing this. Thanks
  24. VST_Man

    Camera Mounting Hardware

    thanks for the info. "they" can't find the part in the data base so they will get back to me.