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Help wiring pelco spectra BB53HD-PG-E

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Hi guys Im trying to install a used pelco spectra but im trying to work out how to wire its ptz to my dvrs rs485


Its been wired for ptz before in its previous install but from what i can see the existing wiring (basically at cat 5) only seems to go into the alarms , ground and relays com ports nothing as far as i can see for the ptz control?


Im i right in saying its ptz control goes into the rx + and - or tx + and - as nothing seems to have been wired into these in its previous install?




Alarms 1 through to 7






I also have loads of dip switches but i come to those later after ive worked out where to wire the two rs485 wires to.

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Connect the RX+ and RX- of the BB53HD to your DVR RS485 (Pay attention to the polarity) RX+ go to RS485+, RX- go to RS485-.

Now you need to configure your PTZ and DVR protocols. (disregard all the alarm inputs connections from BB53HD back box)

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Hi ok thank you for that should be straightforwards enough then , i just need to figure out the dip switch configuration then. I must admit i cant really make sense of the sticker its a bit over my head but some of the dip switches are on from the previous install clearly.


Can anyone possibly advise which dipswitches to have set for just a basic ptz install to a cenos newwork dvr recorder by rs485 + and - .


thanks hoping to get job finished friday




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The current setting of your Pelco Spectra III dip switches are Pelco P, 9600 baud rate, PTZ address is #1. In order for you to control the PTZ via the DVR on screen display or client software you must match the above settings to your DVR.



DVR: Camera Address #1

Protocol Pelco P

Baud Rate 9600

PTZ: Camera Address #1

Protocol Pelco P

Baud Rate 9600


Please refer to sticker/label settings Switch #1 and #3. Switch #1 are for addressing, switch #3 are for protocols.


if your DVR cannot support multiple protocols please post your question here again.





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Ok ive got the camera running but the Ptz is just wandering around of its own accord I don't seem to have any control over it .


Here's the settings of the dvr and switches does anyone know where I'm going wrong ?






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To add ive tried changing the addres to 128 and 129 and tried different Pelco protocols but that didn't seem to help .

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Again, you must match the DVR and PTZ address and protocol.


Follow this steps:


Let's setup your Pelco PTZ to Pelco D, 2400 baud rate, address 1


1. DIP switch #3 must be on all OFF position. (that is Pelco D at 2400 baud rate)

2. DIP switch #1, turn ON switch #1( that is address #1)

3. Install the PTZ and make sure you have the right settings by looking at the configuration screen.


D address: 1

P address: 2

Comm: 2400, N, 8, 1

Configure done


Now setup your DVR by matching the above configurations.


I want you to move the BNC wire of the PTZ to DVR input #1


Under PTZ device of the DVR menu make sure it is on channel #1


Under RS485 device of the DVR menu select Pelco D or (Pelco Spectra if available)


Make sure your data wire RX+ and RX - polarity are correct.

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