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  1. While reviewing the footage, I saw a guy driving to my street with face visible, stepped out of the vehicle and proceed to take photos of the neighborhood houses (mine included) and talked up to the driveway. His behavior is quite odd and its the first time I've seen him or this happening since the camera was installed about 2 months ago. Should I export a copy of the footage and give it to the police?
  2. Hello All - over the weekend, I finally had the chance to install the last Avigilon PTZ at the back of the house covering the backyard. The install spot is 30 ft high so it is quite a challenge for a DIYer like me! fortunately everything went well and now the camera is in action. Unfortunately, it started to snow during the install and I tried my best to keep the crimped RJ45 connector dry before finally connecting it to the camera using the weather sealed RJ45 connector boot. The RJ45 connector is CAT6 rated with 50micro gold plating. I am worried that there are some remnant moisture due to the snow exposure that wasn't properly dried up. Will this lead to future problems such as corrosion? Right now the camera is working perfectly but I know corrosion take a while to set in. So should I go back up and using dielectric gel on the connector to prevent future issues?
  3. This is a garbage switch and I can't even find the specs of it online. Most POE switch has power limits per port, and a total power output for all ports combined. What camera do you have and do you know its power consumption?
  4. Can anyone tell me where can I download a software that allows me to print USD$ for free
  5. Avigilon 2MP PTZ - Right on time to capture the last snowstorm of the year: Avigilon 5MP H3 HD Bullet:
  6. Hey Daryl - thanks for sharing your experience from the old days If IP cameras weren't around today, I wouldn't have be able to install my own Avigilon system for the home! The old days sounds like a complete nightmare and I wonder how many court cases were lost of prosecution failures due to unrecognizable subject. Btw you are from Singapore? I lived in that beautiful country for 5 years and I gotta say, the high humidity there is the ultimate test for CCTV camera. I had so many electronics fail (TVs, Cameras, CD players etc) over the year due to humidity and corrosion. Any substandard cameras will quickly die
  7. For those of you that has been doing this for a while, what is life like back in the good ole analog days before the advent of DVRs? I guess multiple VCRs must be deployed to record the footage or are there multi-deck VCRs that can record to multiple VHS tapes at once? Cabling must also be quite painful too I guess? So for a site with multiple cameras, multiple VCRs must be used and someone has to frequently change the tapes as they wear out quite quickly with 24/7 use and VCR head cleaning? Maybe you guys can share some pictures of ancient setup for us newbies to relish on how far IP Surveillance has progressed
  8. THANKS all for the help! Especially ak357 who walked me through via teamviewer 2 cameras are up and 1 more Avigilon PTZ to go! Honestly without this wonderful forum, I might just end like the 99% of the consumers out there buying "toy" cameras for my home security haha...
  9. traderjay

    No CCTV image

    About time the HDD kicks the bucket. Depending on the NVR model, the HDD inside is most likely an off the shelf consumer grade HDD that've withstood 3.5 years of 100% 24/7 write which is FAR more than any desktop application. When you replace the HDD, be sure to use HDDs meant for surveillance such as WD Purple, Seagate Surveilance etc.
  10. Honestly that was the system I was debating before I went full blown with patched together Avigilon system for my home. The Arlo requires very expensive CR123 batteries (I believe 4 in each camera) and operating life is reduced in the cold. Plus, there is no option of local storage and everything must be stored in the cloud.... However, the ease of install is unparalleled but thats about it....
  11. traderjay

    No CCTV image

    How long have you had the system? Most consumer grade DVR are notoriously bad with cooling and any HDDs inside just roast and roast until they die
  12. traderjay

    New house already pre-wired for PoE

    Plz avoid Lorex like a plague - they are cheap plastic toy and won't survive long in an outdoor environment. I am not sure about Dahua but the brands preferred by the pros here are generally Avigilon, Axis, Hikvision and the like.
  13. thanks for this thread - was having the same issue with ACC Mobile!
  14. Greeting everyone - ever since joining this board, I've received tremendous amount of help with setting up my DIY Avigilon system By the way, how do I enable the DIYer badge on my username?
  15. Unfortunately the stuff you find on Amazon is junk as mentioned by the pros here. This thread gives a good primer on whats good and whats not - viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35868