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  1. If you are looking at the source files. The MJPEG files can be individually opened with a straight media player or paint program as a still frame. Since the mpeg4 file is a conditional refresh type of file the MPEG4 file will be in a .RAW format and must be opened in a streaming player it might not be in a mpeg4 file type.
  2. All IP cameras will support the .net most, but not all don't support java and apple platform, sorry.
  3. SDK should include all the URL commands, Active-X controllers and the C++ code. You will need to understand all of them plus XML would be good.
  4. chad_cooper

    Ip PTZ

    That should be all you need for control, on another note please make sure that the Latency of your PTZ is very low...like 250 ms or lower as this will make a very big difference in how well your able to move the camera without overshot or tacking something in real time. Some High Latency domes are a real issue to control well. http://www.acti.com
  5. chad_cooper

    IP Camera standard

    IEEE standards are for the compression of like MPEG4, MJPEG and such. I think what you are looking for is the IEEE standard for TCP/IP control in the Ethernet. I am sure its out there but I dont have a link. Sorry
  6. They are one of many of our Independent software vendors and I can tell you they do a very good job. They are responsive to the customer base and work very closely with our manufacturing to make sure their software is up to date for any and all new cameras and/or encoders.
  7. Snce I work for a manufacturer, I am going to give us a shameless plug, but only because so many other company names are on this thread. http://www.acti.com Free true NVR 16 channel software and all the camera types you could need to go with it. Thanks,
  8. IP Cameras using WEP ??? Most true ip cameras dont have built in Wireless functions. The access points would be using WEP or WAP or some other form of encryption format. Ip cameras being ethernet wont have care what you use as long as the link is good and stable, meaning you might want to change channels on your AP and wireless router and see if that helps. There is just a lot of 802.11 2.4 ghz stuff out there conflicting with each other. Using WImax or a mess will greatly improve your usage, or moving to a 4.9 mhz type. As for 12vdc up the coax with video too, I havent seen a product to do that. I believe that the lower voltage would interfere with the hz sweep for the 1.0 volt PP analog video signal. Hope this helps.
  9. try to go to these guys....extend the IP and POE ! Veracity http://www.veracityusa.com
  10. chad_cooper

    issues with Axis 221

    All that ND filters do is trick the camera to open the auto Iris to the full open position by cutting down the amount of light input. You live in a place that has intense light and maybe trying a high number filter would work better. This allows you to focus on the IR spectrum more perfect, or if like working at night, just do it then.
  11. chad_cooper

    issues with Axis 221

    I can give you few ideas. First is picture quality starts at the lens. Junk in, Junk out. so I think you will get this point, go change that lens to computar. Second, IR has a shifted focal point do to the light wave length. Focus the Camera at night or go get a #4 Neutral density lens from a welding supply shop to put over the lens to create a "night scene". I am not sure if this camera has back focus, but it should. ( you can look that up on computars site to understand how to do it). Once focus correctly it will stay in focus during low light scenes too. Third, see if you can go to Manual white balance and use a priece of white paper infront of the camera when setting it. A manual Iris lens is not a good idea here. IR lenses for what you are doing will work the best as the aspherical lens is MUCH better and more optically correct. Hope it helps.
  12. This sounds like a color burst issue, or a Ground Loop issue. First, is it the camera? and not the DVR? Second, are all the new cameras that are bad on the same Power supply and the old ones on a different power supply? Third, are they getting enough voltage AT THE CAMERA? If it passes these three, then it is internal to the camer would be my guess.
  13. chad_cooper

    Camera image going dark over time

    Maybe he had one of your nanny cams... JK
  14. Mega pixel would be great, but do you really need it at 20ft? Try ACTi They have software for free to 16 channels and the CAM-5220 has great day abilities, but no megapixel. Still the resolution should be enough with the right lens. The price could have installing more cameras to cover the area better and keep this under your budget with the software costs.
  15. chad_cooper

    Motion JPEG vs MPEG-4

    A analog Field would be the same as a Digital PPS. Removal of the blank interlace would still be really a full picture. Hence usabel in court. A analog video tape can be authenticated using electronic means of checking the continuity of the video. hence used in court. Thanks, Chad