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  1. It's time to update the cameras on a dual NV8416E4 DVR computer. It currently is running 24 analog cameras. I'm looking for 1.3MP ~ 2.0MP IP dome or vandal proof cameras that have a water resistance rating of IP64 or higher. There are so many great choices for HD IP cameras now. Price range per camera $180~$250USD. What have you guys used & installed?
  2. fcaw11

    Dual NV8416E4 system upgrading to IP cameras

    Still deciding on the quantity of IP cameras. Thanks for the advice. To IP camera section of forum...
  3. New Avermedia NVD4VIEXT for NV5000 DVR card. $25 Add 4channel of video to your existing AVerDiGi NV5000 DVR PCI card. Just plug in NVD4VIEXT to a NV5000, then boot your PC-based DVR computer. Avermedia DVR software will automatically recognize the NVD4VIEXT card. It's that simple. Includes: NVD4VIEXT card ribbon cable Shipping USPS small flat rate box. $4.85
  4. Version is currently installed on the DVR PC. What is the newest version available to download. On http://surveillance.aver.com/ on the download page, there is a version released on 2011/06, but error on download. Thanks!
  5. fcaw11

    Two NV8416 build

    I building a PC based DVR with two NV8416 cards for a client. Which CPU/motherboard combo? 1. Core2Duo Quad Core Q9400 2.66Ghz CPU or higher with Intel P45 chipset motherboard. Maybe a Quad core Q6600 overclocked to 3.0Ghz. OR 2. Core i5 750 2.66Ghz with Intel P55 Chipset motherboard. Since HyperThreading must be disabled, I did not choose any Core i7. Both build options are close in price. Cost is not a factor for the client.
  6. Are there any stand alone DVRs that record higher then D1 resolution?
  7. fcaw11

    Aver and i7 processor

    The system has TWO 6480 cards. What resolution are the IP MP cameras recording at?
  8. I should have posted with using a IP MP cameras.
  9. Anyone recording in 1920*1200 with MP IP camera w/ AVermedia? or Higher resolution? Which card(s)? Software version? Computer build?
  10. fcaw11

    CNB dfl-20s review

    I tested CNB DFL-20s. It's color is very low light conditions. In extremely low light it does switch to BW. It switches back to color very fast with very minimal light. Pitch black room, it is grainy and completely dark, as expected. Hope this helps.
  11. I have a client requiring two box cameras for outdoor use. Camera 1 - 15ft above ground level 17 feet from main entrance, pointing south. Camera 2 - 15ft above ground level, 20 feet from rear exit, pointing east. They have an existing standalone DVR. must be at least 520TVL must be analog must be color Thanks in advance.
  12. fcaw11

    VGA box camera recommendations?

    Thank you very much Soundy. Are the VCM-24F ok for outdoor use? The spec sheet doesn't have a IP6x rating for weather/moisture.
  13. fcaw11

    VGA box camera recommendations?

    Have you installed/used the CNB-BBM-24F or VCM-24VF? CNB HQ is local to me here in Los Angeles.
  14. fcaw11

    VGA box camera recommendations?

    Thanks, All great questions. Environmental housing will be used. Both cameras point to a entrance/exit to an motel. The metal door swing open away from the camera. Field of view would be from door to street, entire sidewalk, 12ft wide. There is ambient light all day. Night viewing is required, low lux and/or IR needed. Backlighting maybe an issue for the east facing camera.
  15. fcaw11

    AverMedia NV8416 E4 card

    Has anyone tried the new NV8416 E4 PCI-E 4x card? How is it compared to a NV6480? I am unable to locate a dealer in the USA & pricing?
  16. fcaw11

    Two NV8416 build

    Thanks for your input on your build. I've contacted USA AverMedia Tech support in regards to the H.264 limitation with This is their response: "Dear Customer, I was able to get some information about the issue that you are having, it is one of the limitation on the card due it to it being a software compression card so it relies more on the CPU to push the compression when in H.264. From the information that I was provided R&D will be pushing out a new software version that will allow you to achieve better FPS when using H.264 with CORE i7 chips. I don't know the exact amount or when this release will happen. sorry for the inconvenience." So, GV.Jackie is not correct about Core i7 CPUs.
  17. fcaw11

    Two NV8416 build

    Do you mean Core i7 socket 1366 or socket 1156? If you could be more specific it will help everyone's builds.
  18. Does anyone have any experience with cheap China video balun from ebay? like these; http://cgi.ebay.com/4Ch-CCTV-BNC-F-Video-Balun-Network-UTP-RJ45-Transceiver_W0QQitemZ370295642485QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5637571975 http://cgi.ebay.com/4Ch-Video-BNC-to-UTP-RJ45-Active-Balun-1200M-CCTV-DVR_W0QQitemZ360219187114QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Security_Equipment?hash=item53debc97aa The 1st one from ebay looks identical to this one. [edit by mod - store link removed] Thanks!
  19. fcaw11

    Please HELP!!! Avermedia 5000 2 cards issue

    Which motherboard for this build?
  20. fcaw11

    Windows 7 and NV6480

    Core i5 750 w/stock cooler Asus P7P55 WS Supercomputer motherboard 4GB DDR3 OCZ3X16004GK Nvidia 9800GT x16 PCIe 2.0 video card 80GB WD boot drive 2 x 1TB data drives DVD-RW optical drive XP Pro SP3 32-bit 2 x NV8416 E4 Unfortunately no, can not record 30fps D1 using H.264 on all 32 cameras. Currently recording in Mpeg4, 30fps D1. GV.Jackie stated it is a CPU limitation with the Core i5 750. If you build with a Core i7, let me know how the H.264 works for you. THANKS!
  21. fcaw11

    Two NV8416 build

    Thank you for the heads up! I was not aware of the Core i5 limitation on H.264 recording. It's not stated in Avermedia literature. I searched and found handful distributors carrying the NV8416 in the USA. The warning message when setting recording to 30 FPS 720x480 H.264 is: "H.264 recording FPS for analog camera cannot exceed 280 CIF / 70 D1 in the system. Your setting of H.264 recording FPS is 2400 and may compromise the performance and stability of the system. Please reduce H.264 recoding FPS." So are you stating with any Core i7, such as a Core i7 860, H.264 limitation will be lifted? I could just replace the CPU to an 860 then.
  22. fcaw11


    FYI, AverDigi advertises the application saves connection information. This is not the case. Their programmers need to update the app to be able to save a few profile connections.
  23. fcaw11


    The AverDigi iViewer app works well. Of course there's lag. Had to reduce the quality setting to 50% at the highests resolution.
  24. fcaw11

    Windows 7 and NV6480

    I tried Win7 Ultimate 32-bit with two NV8416 E4 cards, softwware version Must adjust UAC in WIN7 to lowest setting. At first it seemed to work well with all default setting with the NV DVR software. When checking the following options in system settings->login tab; auto login when OS start, Auto record when login, Auto start Network when login. Problems: 1. Unable to view any of the cameras. 2. NV DVR starts in compact mode 3. When trying to login, multiple login windows appear. 4. unable to login. I had TWO administrator accounts. Both failed. Solution. Installed XP Pro 32-bit SP3, Runs GREAT!
  25. I have a question for anyone who is in this industry of security & CCTV. Is it normal practice to not give CD of the DVR card software to the client on a PC based system? Just the complete working pc based DVR & installation onsite? Reason I ask, I have a new client with a dead hard drive DVR. I reinstalled Windows XP on a new drive, but no software for the DVR card.