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  1. Im not sure what router you have but here is what you do. On your main modem/router (DHCP) ensure you have setup port forwarding. for example: Camera 1 start port - 37777 end port- 37777, protocol = Both, local IP 192.168.0.number Camera 2 start port - 37778 end port- 37778, protocol = Both, local IP 192.168.0. number 2 etc Now second step is log into your Camera 1 via the IP, configure it to have a quickddns.com address, set to static IP and same port number. Step 3: add the camera with whatever app you are using with the quickddns.com address as IP, same port and admin credentials.
  2. Hi all, since the latest update with the logins and all, the Alarm manager dont work anymore. When i received a notification and click on it, it tries to open the main stream playback but fails. posted this on another forum already.
  3. I am using dahua camera.. the question is on the camera end which cable or digital output relates to the unlocking function? If I can find this I could make something.
  4. Just as I thought. The Door function for this is for another device altogether?
  5. Hello all, So I finally managed to get all my cameras working with the speaker and microphone at the camera location. Just abit of background on this. I wanted a mini speaker & microphone mounted next to the camera and login anywhere with iDMSS to view it and have 2-way communication. 1, Managed PoE Switch must be connected to a Router with DHCP enabled 2, Cams are connected to the managed Switch - any port. - disable DHCP 3, NVR is connected to same managed switch - any port. - disable DHCP 4, Locate the cameras IPs by login into the router or switch - the router should auto assign them with different IPs. ensure your Switch and Router are two different IPs aswell. eg for the router and for the switch. 5, Login to each camera with its own IP and the NVR to enable DDNS, I used Dahua DDNS select Manual Mode and select your own domain name. 6, Login to your router and enable Port Forwarding, use only TCP as the Protocol, and ensure you enter the IPs of the cameras and the NVR, if you cant select multiple ports, change each of your camera ports and add them into the port forwarding list of the router, example if NVR is on port 37777, camera 1 port 37778, camera 2 37779 etc. 7, Test if the internet have access to this these ports on here http://canyouseeme.org/ 8, Add the devices on the iDMSS app using IP/Domain ensuring you are using the correct DDNS name and port. Now with the above steps completed correctly, you should be able to view the cameras and the NVR(for playback) anywhere as long as you have internet access. For the audio, since my cameras have both Audio-Out/In, I have a small amplifier connected to Audio-Out port and attached to it is a small speaker. https://www.kemo-electronic.de/en/Light-Sound/Amplifier-Splitter/Modules/M031N-Amplifier-3-5-W-universal.php And as for the microphone, I tapped of the 12v and connected to the Audio-In port. You can buy these from ebay for pretty cheap. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/High-Sensitive-Preamp-Mini-Audio-Pickup-Tiny-Spy-Microphone-with-Power-Bypass/162650234272?hash=item25deb59da0:g:iFEAAOSwhLJZpL4V Any questions, please ask. regards.
  6. Hello all, So I managed to setup most of the audio and video with IPC-HDBW8331E IP Cam, all works well but within the iDMSS Plus app, theres an option for viewing "Door" and when I add the camera to this "Door" list, the audio works but the Unlocking/Locking function shows as "Unlock failed!" Question is when I press this unlock button on the app, what does it trigger at the camera end ? On the I/O Port of the camera there are Alarm Out, Alarm In, Alarm Com and GND, these ports are only for alarms and sensors to input into the camera. any ideas ?
  7. yeswife

    Connecting to IP Camera remotely

    Fixed by using a PoE managed switch connected to router > then to modem. this given the cameras power and the audio output can be used. works perfectly now.
  8. yeswife

    Connecting to IP Camera remotely

    I dont have the option to log into the modem or the switch. Any ideas ?
  9. Hi all, So when im on the home wifi network, the iDMSS app connects to the cameras fine but when im outside of the home wifi, i cant connect/view anything. The Dahua cameras are connected directly to a PoE switch then its connected to moderm. Iv been trying to use No-IP and that but im really not sure how to work around this. Question is should I set the cameras with a static IP or DHCP. any ideas on this ? thanks
  10. yeswife

    Dahua firmware

    Hi guys, RE: NVR7408-8P firmware: General_NVR7xxx_Eng_P_V3.200.0000.0.R.20160311 I have re-uploaded this to here: http://ul.to/78l46aj3 let me know how you all go. cheers any issues pm me.
  11. What I will be doing is: Cam connected to NVR via Cat6 (this will data/power) as for the audio it will be connected to a small 12v amplifier near or next to the cam (this one http://www.altronics.com.au/p/a0720-kemo-12w-plug-and-play-mono-amplifier-module) I also have a 12v Mic using the same 12v for the amp connected to the camera, also close by near the cam. and a speaker coming from the amp. With the above setup, when using the app you can talk directly to the camera with two-way audio. As for the NVR base station, When speaking into it via the mic connected to it, it will only produce audio connected FROM the base station and NOT the cam. maybe a update firmware might fix this, but Dahua is a pain to deal with.
  12. yeswife

    Dahua firmware

    Contact dahua directly but good luck. Other place would be place of purchase.
  13. Hello, Whether it's mic level or line level input, you will still need to run 12vDC to the microphone. Only difference is line level mic can have a longer cable run than mic level at 100ft max. Always go for line level. Some good microphones out there will allow you to chose between them two, I can supply you with ultra low noise mic/line level mics, ultra sensitive you can hear people whispering.
  14. does anyone have this software for Dahua cameras ? i know mine supports it.
  15. hello all, so im planning on installing 8 x IPC-HFW8331E-Z(bullet version) and IPC-HDBW8331E-Z (dome version) I have DAHUA NVR7408-8P. question is how can i listen and speak through to the camera from the dahua iphone app iDMSS Plus ? the setup im doing is this: HFW camera have these ports: audio out audio in PoE 12v I will be connecting only the network cable to it so i can give it power and video. with the audio part, can i simply run a 12v speak with audio input connected to the HFW audio out port this will give me speaker audio right ? with the microphone part, could i run cheap ebay microphone powered by 12v with RCA ports to the audio in of the camera ? will this allow me to connect to the NVR via the iphone app and press the microphone button and allow me to communicate with on the other end ?? lastly I also looked at poe interfaces which will reduce the need of additional 12v power cable run http://www.etsnm.com/interface.html#sma1-lpea does anyone have any ideas on this ? many thanks