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Port Forwarding for Hikvision ivms4200 client

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I install the iVMS 4200 into a Dell Workstation and I was able to wire 9 Cameras. I Install the Storage server and Device manager in the same machine. Everything seems to be working fine but for some reason, i cant configure for the life of me how to make it work with the Hik-Connect App. I read and i was able to assign a DDNS to the public IP as well as opening some ports but im very confused with the whole thing because im not 100% sure which external ports need to routed which internal ports. I also read that in order to see and operate the cameras from the APP i need to add the client to the app rather than each cameras. Im using a Linksys Router using a guide for iVMS 4500 i was able to open some ports but im at a lost because i cant find the right information for the iVMS4200. I was also told that i wouldnt be able to view cameras from the app using the iVMS42000 client that i would need to buy an actual NVR from hikvision. If anyone could point me in the right direction i will be forever thankful.


The ivms IP is

The Cameras is



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Im not sure what router you have but here is what you do.


On your main modem/router (DHCP) ensure you have setup port forwarding.

for example:

Camera 1 start port - 37777 end port- 37777, protocol = Both, local IP 192.168.0.number

Camera 2 start port - 37778 end port- 37778, protocol = Both, local IP 192.168.0. number 2



Now second step is log into your Camera 1 via the IP, configure it to have a quickddns.com address, set to static IP and same port number.


Step 3:


add the camera with whatever app you are using with the quickddns.com address as IP, same port and admin credentials.

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The port and IP are now open but i still can see the camera. Also im using Dyns not quickDNS would that be my issue. In a previous video i noticed that the added the NVR to the hit-connect APP and all the cameras pulled into the app as well however I don't have an NVR just the PC with iVMS 4200 Client

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