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    iWatch DVR / SoCatch App

    Yip, I've never had an issue with it. I used to get DVR's from eBay that worked with it. Never had a problem with them once I got it set up correctly. I can't find the same DVR's, they used to advertise them as iWatch DVR's
  2. Hey all, I used to be able to get DVR's that worked with theiWatch DVR app, I believe this app has since been replaced by a new app called 'SoCatch'. I'd like to used good compatible DVR's that work with this app. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've found these apps brilliant for end users.
  3. Hey all, I come from a CCTV background only, however, part of my new job is to review quotes from all of our Fire & Security contractors that work for us. Most of them are pretty straightforward. One of our contractors have submitted an estimate to replace Nickel cadium batteries and the chargers. Both the batteries and the chargers are coming in at a crazy price. They are claiming the charger is around £600. Can anyone explain to me why the price of this would be so high? Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I'm wondering does anyone here know much about the legal requirements when it comes to installing and maintaining CCTV systems. I know this might vary in different areas in the UK but does anyone know the general rule of thumb. Does CCTV need to be install in certain businesses? I assume bookmakers, off-licence etc.... any others? What are the licence conditions? Recording 24hr?, Footage saved for 30 days? etc... What is the minimum legal time for repair of a faulty camera / system in a store that has CCTV as a legal requirement? Hours? Days? Any information would be appreciated, Thanks