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  1. Hi, after I get some questions over PN about VTO2000A with SIP and Asterisk, I think it is usefull to make this Thread. So everyone could ask here or post solutions for problems. I have an VTO2000A and an VTH1550CH. But I want more flexibility. What do I wanna have at end? If someone rings the bell of VTO, I want ringing the VTH1550CH, ringing my FritzFon (over Fritzbox) and when I'm not at home, my Android-Smartphone should ringing to. And everything with Video. Well ringing with Videostream over Fritzbox will not work because the Fritzbox doesn't support SIP Video. But there is a possibility to use Snapshots instead. My problems so far: - Main problem with SIP Firmware is that there will be no Push Notification on Dahua Android App gDMSS - When I use SIP Firmware with VTH1550 I only could use VTO as SIP Server to get connection between those two. But then my FritzFon will not ring. - When I use Asterisk as SIP Server my FritzFon are ringing but I get no Snapshot and I couldn't connect my VTH. I could insert the Dahua URL for Snapshots but this will not work with Fritzbox. - When I use Fritzbox as SIP Server, the FritzFon are ringing but when I pick up the FritzFon the VTO will end call after a few seconds because Fritzbox sends "183 Session Progress" as Answer and the VTO only accept "180 Ringing" as answer. Solution for connection between Fritzbox and VTO. If you wanna use Fritzbox with Telephone for ringing you have to use Asterisk as SIP Server and send an "180 Ringing" before Dial(). I will post my extensions.conf and sip.conf. My Fritzbox will give "621" as number for Doorstation and callingnumber is 9901. So I gave the VTO as No. 8001 and 9901 as Villa Call Number. On Lan-Config / Server Type is Asterisk and Network Config / SIP Server Conifg is IP of Asterisk Username "8001" password you entered on extensions.conf and Realm is "asterisk". The VTO-No. must be something like 800x. I've added pictures of settings. I think this will be much easier to understand Here my extensions.conf: [general] static=yes writeprotect=no [ausgehend] exten => _9901,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=9901) exten => _9901,n,Dial(Local/alle@tfe-zuhause,50,w) [tfe-zuhause] exten => alle,1,Ringing() exten => alle,n,Dial(SIP/9901@videodoorgateway,50,w) [default] include => ausgehend include sip.conf: [general] language=de bindport = 5060 bindaddr = type=friend context=eingehend externrefresh=30 nat=force_rport,comedia srvlookup=yes transport=udp localnet=192.168.1.xxx/ ;directmedia=no [8001] host=dynamic username=VTO2000A type=friend secret=qwertz context=ausgehend disallow=all allow=ulaw allow=h264 [videodoorgateway] context=eingehend type=friend insecure=invite nat=force_rport,comedia instead username=621 fromuser=621 fromdomain=fritz.box secret=AnyPassword host=192.168.1.xxx dtmfmode=rfc2833 disallow=all allow=ulaw ;allow=h264 I'm not very familiar with Asterisk, but with this settings connection between Fritzbox and VTO will work. What is missing is to create an URL with Snapshot when someone rings the bell. Maybe someone has solutions and will post it here so everyone could pick up what he needs to get this real good hardware work well. Because Dahua will not give support. So we have to help ourselves. If you post any solution, please write what system will work e.g. Android App or IPhone App with Asterisk (Videostream will work or not) and then what settings are needed to get it working. I'm anxious to see your solutions or questions EDIT: Here screenshots of settings in VTO: That's all
  2. Hello, after a long search this is the only forum where I found some Threads about Dahua VTO2000A. So I hope anyone can help me to solve my problem. I've bought an VTO2000A from Aliexpress and its work well so far, but I have an real big problem. Before I ordered I saw on the brochures of Dahua that it supports SIP system. But on Web Server Configuration I found nothing about this. Firmware is "2016-03-25 V2.100.0.0". I'm still waiting for delivery of my Indoor Station (VTH1500B-S). Or should I better order an VTH1550CH? I wanna use an SIP Server to see who is in front of the door and to speak with the visitor with my telephone. But therefor the VTO2000A must support SIP system. Or will this only work when there is an Indoor Station? I downloaded an older SIP-Firmware but I couldn't flash it because firmware on the VTO2000A is newer than my one and the config tool abort the installation. Telnet connection will also refused. Anyone has an idea how to solve my problem. Thx forward. EDIT: OK, I solved it myself When I try to Login with ConfigTool I have to change the Port from 37777 to 3800, then every Firmwareversion for VTO2000A should be flashed.
  3. Well look here for SIP: If you want only to use Dahua-Components you don't need SIP-Firmware And here you can find Firmware: ftp://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/kamerove_systemy/_Firmware/06VDP/
  4. Maybe there: uploadfiles.io/ You mean the light of the bell sign? Typically this is always on. But I don't have a fingerprint, because of that I don't know if the light only goes on, when someone is ringing. And I don't know where you can manage it, sorry
  5. @bassbumper Very good news for all of us How you get multilanguage and is there a limit in length for ringtones? Could you upload your firmware as example? There is now only one big problem left in firmware. If the VTO could react on "183 Session Progress" which the AVM Fritz!Box is answering over SIP when ringing, we don't need Asterisk anymore because the VTO could be working with Fritz!Box directly. But I really don't know where to find anything about it and how to change the behaviour of VTO.
  6. Well good news " title="Applause" /> It seems that the VTH has the same behaviour as VTO on startup. The IP-Address of VTH1510 at startup is and it's looking for an update-firmware over TFTP. Because of this, the Unbricking-Method should also work on VTH But I've not tested it I've analyzed the Sounds with Cool Edit Pro 2.1. They have an Sampling Rate of 16000 8-Bit Signed Stereo And the only channel which is OK is the right. On the left channel is only noise. But when I open it only with Mono, there is only noise. Maybe someone knows better about analyzing PCM-Sound-Files
  7. @bassbumper I created the VTH1510.py like you did. For everyone who wanna try this, you have to insert the VTH1510 also in configs.py. In configs.py is every Hardwarescript listed. I've posted the link to the Unbricking tutorial two times, but my posts seems to be eliminated With this turorial I've unbricked my bricked VTO. The magic seems to be that the VTO at startup tries to update firmware by looking over TFTP. But you have to build an own existing network, like discribed in the turorial. Within the VTO could connect to your PC und upload the extracted firmware-packages. Magic Words in G**Gle: Dahua IPC EASY unbricking / recovery over TFTP (Use the third link) You could see this with Wireshark. Maybe the VTH has the same behaviour
  8. @bassbumper Well I got a lot of problems with Stitch, but good to know that it will run Could you please post here the Script so anyone should use it, or is it in newer version of Dahua-Firmware-Mod-Kit included? For testing I've just copied the VTO2000A-Script an changed one line in it and unpacking works well so far. But I couldn't find any Sound-Files only *.pcm. But these Files I couldn't play. If the rebuild works well, then I wanna change these terrible Soundfiles of VTH with nice ones and Speech to German I'm just a little bit scrarry by flashing modded firmware because I've bricked my first VTO. But now there is an easy way to unbrick it and maybe the same solution will work for VTH. But therefor I have to sniff with Wireshark what happens when VTH is started.
  9. @bassbumper Dahua has removed the Telnet-Access in newer Firmware If anything is strange after changing firmware, old settings are visible and something like that, clear your browsercache. I think that firmware of VTO and VTH are nearby the same and has the same structure. You could try to unpack the firmware the same way you do it for VTO. If this will work fine, the rebuild should also work. But I've not tested it, so if you do it, try it on your own risk. And if it works well, let us know about it Oh, by the way, if anyone should try to modify the firmware and want to use Debian. Only try it with Debian Jessie (8.xxx) not with Stitch (9.xxx)
  10. @abyss79 You have to change the Port in your Config-Tool to 3800.
  11. @kasperskie Well you can try to sniff your network with an tool called Wireshark. Maybe you can see any pull and request from VTO. I think thats the only way to see what the VTO is doing when the doorbell is ringing. Maybe there are other/better tools for sniffing network. If you find out something interesting it would be nice if you can inform us all about it
  12. @fabjan You have to set Port 3800 in Config Tool. Better use an older Version of Config Tool. After that you can Flash every Version of Firmware for VTO2000A you want We should annoy the Dahua support so long until they finally supplement the Firmware So erveryone who read this should contact Dahua Support and should ask them, if they could insert right behaviour when 183 Session Progress comes as answer. Many other door stations support both formats. In the web interface, you can even partially set the door station to respond to. Hardware is so nice from Dahua but Firmware is
  13. @unschuldsjuenger Till now you must use Asterisk if you wanna use VTO with Fritz!Fon. That's an Problem about communication between Fritzbox and the VTO. The VTO sends an INVITE to the Fritzbox. The Fritzbox answers with 183 SESSION PROGRESS, but the VTO don't know this answer. The only answer the VTO understands is 180 RINGING. Because of this the VTO Ends the Call. I've informed the Dahua-Support about this behaviour. There was no answer about it Maybe everyone with this Problem should contact Dahua-Support. So they see that a lot of People wanna use this combination and they could include it in an SIP-Firmware. If the VTO would understand 183 Session Progress, an FritzFon could be used directly. But therefor the Dahua-Support has to build it in Firmware.
  14. @Grumpy You have to use Port 3800 in Config Tool for flashing Firmware. Interesting Link, because this is my post, but I don't know this Website. This is the Original-Post: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=51296&hilit=VTO
  15. @ unschuldsjuenger You must reset the VTO by SSH, try another browser or empty your browsercache. The last two things sometimes works, but when you reset the VTO by SSH I had always success For Reset by SSH you have to use putty oder WinSCP under Windows. Putty is an standalone program which is only an executable File (nothing to install). Before you can use putty you have to allow Telnet on VTO. Just type this in your browser: http:///cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Telnet.Enable=true e.g. After that telnet-Session is enabled and you can use putty to connect to the VTO Login user: admin Password: 7ujMko0admin If your password is an other then type as password: 7ujMko0 + your password Then you type the following on console: rm -rf /mnt/mtd/* rm -rf /mnt/backup/* reboot The VTO will reboot an all settings are resetted
  16. Well I've not tested the latest Firmware but the older Firmware from this page (which I've used) always are in English and not CZ. Maybe there is a possibilty to change to English in Settings. There are two kinds of firmware, the international one (which has no SIP). There you can choose language and the other one is with SIP and always was in English. Maybe tomorrow I will find time to test the newer Firmware
  17. After a long time for wait I get my new VTO I've tested some achievements from here and it seems to work well. But I still get no Video on my Android App (Zoiper, Linphone or Bria) and didn't get a call on 3G, only on WiFi. These two things I'm still missing for turning my VTO to productive. Can anyone help me to solve the problems? I would like to use myfritz.net for DynDns.
  18. What tools do have used to unpack it and how did you do that?
  19. Has anyone tried an Android App called Elcom Videofon? Not sure if it is available for iPhone too. This app is made especially for an Intercom and has an button for unlocking the door. I think this is more comfortable to use with VTO, if it works I've tried but get no Video on it. But I also had no Video on Linphone or any other Android App which seems to be an configuration problem on my side. When I get my new VTO or maybe my old unbricked back, I will try. Till then I couldn't try anything It is so fantastic what you have realized till now " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />
  20. I'm happy what happens here. This is what I just hoped for. Well, The Dahua App is working with SIP-Firmware, but there is no Push Notification at all. So it seems to be useless if you"re not at home. It's working more like A Surveillance-App. When I'm back from Vacation I'll trying the Dahua Firmware Mod Kit Until now I've only unpacked Firmware with binwalk and analyzed just a little bit. But I don't know how to repack it. Hope it's working well. If it works well I will try to analyze it just more. Maybe we're able to make the firmware even better
  21. @pkozul Well sounds very interesting, and maybe one Point could be checked as feasible Maybe you can show us your sip.conf and extensions.conf to see how you realized it. That would be great. I've not installed FreePBX. So do I have to install something to use Follow Me, or is it normally included in Asterisk?
  22. Hi all there, I will make an new Thread for VTO2000A, SIP and Asterisk. So everyone could post his solutions or questions about there
  23. Thx but I come from Germany, so the German firmware confirms for me I will send you the settings per PN
  24. I have no VTH1550. Not till now, but I've ordered yesterday. On my Fritzbox I have Firmware 06.60 and under Telephone (sorry I don't know how it called with English Firmware cause I got Germen one) I put an new Device (maybe called Intercom?). In German Firmware it is called "Türsprechanlage". There I put the Door Ring number e.g. 9901. Then I choose which Telephones should Ringing, when I push the Button on VTO2000A and what Code should open the door e.g. "123". After that I took the 9901 as "Villa Call Number" in VTO. Choose the IP from VTO in SIP Server Config and as Server Asterisk. Do you have Asterisk running? Then I can send you my SIP.conf and my extensions.conf which are working. The main problem with the Fritzbox is that it sends "183 Session Progress" as response. The VTO don't understand it an ends the call. The VTO needs 180 Ringing as response. Therefor I put an Ringing() before Dial() in extensions.conf an it's working
  25. I don't used the SIP Server Flag, my VTO is an SIP Client on Asterisk. And this works fine with an Fritzbox 7490 on which my telephones are connected over DECT.